Predictions vs Reality

ELLE FEB: Your finances were on rocky shores last year but money matters are finally calming. Jupiter still in your eighth house will stand guard to protect your financial interests all year. Last months full moon in Leo brought a matter of critical importance to culmination. As you enter Feb you’ll still b ruminating over the outcome with the tide moving in your favor. Come Valentines Day a lovely new moon in your marriage sector will twinkle brightly & Neptune will prominately align with the sun a very romantic aspect. Your career will get a huge too when Venus joins forces with Jupiter on the 16th. Its due to be a spectacular day and the effect will last for weeks. The month will end on a truly stellar note as the sun your ruling planet meets with Jupiter on the 28th to give another jolt to your finances.

EMODA.COM :LEOJul 23 to Aug 22 Mountains are not built overnight and they are not built by man. You have had a string of unlucky events and your performance last year might not have been your greatest but the sun has not set yet on your game day. You cant let bad times determine your effort for greatness in the long run. A legacy is not built over night, but through many small battles that you must win one by one. Take it all in stride and don�t let those around you see your pessimistic mood. Leos are natural leaders and you must lead your group into battle, no one likes a loser.

For love, you are at a cross roads, Do you maintain what you have always known? Or do you go for a different path? This is a question only your heart can answer. Be confident that whatever you choose will be right for you because Leo knows best.

ELLE jan 2010: The solar eclipse on the 15th could bring news of massive shifts at the office. You’ll have plenty of projects to consume u & with Saturn in hard angle to Pluto there will be pressure to produce. But w/  Venus & Uranus in this house you’ll likely prosper under these circumstances. On the 17th Jupiter will move into Pisces filling your house of acquired money. As tough as your finances have been you’ll see joyous turn for the better. The month will end with the full moon in Leo on the 30th bringing happy resolve to a close personal relationship. Venus will be traveling thru ur house of marriage which includes other serious promises you make to others so you’ll likely find your main relationship to be inspirational & fullfillin

Nov Teen Stylescope:News you have been waiting for, like an acceptance letter or a prestigious award, may arrive near the 2nd. Expect to be under the spotlight, making this the perfect time to pull out your special occasion outfits and make each day a cause for a celebration.

OCt/Nov 09: A set of remarkable shifts will work to positively reshape your life this month. Action hero Mars will move into Leo on the 16th staying for a lengthly eight months and signaling the start of a new vigorous new cycle on which YOU not others are in charge. If you’ve been laboring over a project unsure when to launch it this critical period launches the moment. Saturn in your second house of salary has presented you with a number of economic challenges. However your financial picture will become more vibrant within weeks of saturn entry into libra on the 29th. Romantically you’ll see more attention and a positive response from your significant other as Jupiter turns direct on the 13th. The new moon on the 18th will encourage you to plan for the future together. As a Leo your under the most brilliant aspects possible for marriage so if your in love set the date!

Dysfunction Fashion Mag: Are you up for more responsibility? While the sun transits Virgo extra work piles up, extra hours and deadlines of personal sorts. This simply means more accolades & rewards for you in a few weeks. Mercury retrogade begins on the 7th possibly causing naunces  in flow, but your stronger & much too clever to get stuck in pitfalls. Goddess of love Venus plays it up in Leo until mid month raising libido and passions for lovers, art, travel, & romance. Mid month she switch gears into Virgo bringing reality into clear view. Mark the new moon in Virgo on the 18th as the day to clear old goals with career and make new strides towards where you’d like to be career wise by years end.

Elle Mag Aug 09: The lunar eclipse in your partnership house on the 5th plants enough seeds for a forest. The sun in Leo till the 22nd opposing those planets creates a make-or-break dynamic. With kindness & love, you can have the relationship of your dreams. But act fast because when Mercury passes over serious Saturn in your money zone on the 17th, you’ll be too busy evaluating a financial decision.

Allure june 09:Circle june 17th on your calender,because it’s the day the Sun’s rare trine to both Neptune and Jupiter brings a dramatic end to a long conflict. Although you won’t be completely free until October, this is just what you need to move forward confidently and enjoy good luck in both LoVe and MoNey. EgotisticEgotism: YEAK!!!

Elle June 09:Give your analytical brain a rest and rely on your gut power now. EgotisticEgotism:wheww because I have been wrecking my brain. It’s been knotted with chains 🙂 I always knew the gut feeling would kick in!

Elle May 09: Your ruler the sun is lighting up your career sector so bright that the answer to all questions is YES! While your palls are still figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, you’ve got it all settled. Your secret? An almost supernatural sense of timing. You’ll arrive at events just as the party is poppin(and leave just before it’s not). As a bonus you will be making so many new contacts that your Iphone will read like a who’s who of big time players……EgotisticEgotism: Damn thats Great!!

Bazaar Apr 09: A desire to take a significant trip can be productively indulged, especially if it may bring you professional advantage or benefit others. Around the 22nd, enchanting moments help you know not only where you are going but who is going with you.

Elle apr 09: Patience isn’t your strong suit, but it’s a lesson that will serve you well if you master it now. Before the 19th, you’ll be able to practice doing some un-Leo like things:laying low,staying humble, doing your homework….But once your ruler, the Sun joins Mercury on the 19th for its annual high-profile rendezvous, the world is yours to take.

Daily Overview: March 16, 2009

LEO Your big ideas may be flying over everyone’s heads, but they can tell you’re on to something thanks to the fire in your eyes. Keep pushing ahead with your big plan and they’ll catch up later

Ok Magazine March 09 Horoscope: Most Leo’s have been concentrating on heavy topics for a few weeks. You need a breather, and you are about to get one. It may be a trip or a new course of study, in any case, it will get you out of a rut.

ELLE Magazine March 09 Leo Horoscope: Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to balance the life you’ve been very happy leading and the reality of financial constraints. (Temporary 🙂 Your one get-out-of-jail-free card arrives during the full moon on the 11th, so spend wisely (and quickly) before retrograde Saturn cancels your credit cards. At least passionate Mars is spreading lusty cheer in your relationship quarter.

ELLE Magazine February 09 Leo Horoscope: You cherish your independence. Your graduating from apprentice to MASTER & learning PRICELESS life’s lessons. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The Lunar eclipse in Leo kicks off a six-month run of a new drama starring you! (Wow it gets better & better! Please can I get a MIL by the end of 09!)

ELLE Magazine December 08 Leo Horoscope: “A showdown occurs about your future, so seize the challenge of making 2009 the year when you find your true niche.”

Elle Magazine November 08 Leo Horoscope : “What you would like to do now and what you can afford to do are two different things. Err on the side of caution. SOON, you will embark on an absorbing career move in which your talents make a real contribution to society.”



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