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Baddest Style in the Game: Rihanna

If I had to take credit for styling anyone it would hands down be Rihanna! All you industry chics over the age of 21 should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this little girl KILL YALL EASY!!!! Her formula isn’t even farfetched.. but I guess thats easily said coming from me 🙂  There aren’t many true Fashionista’s!! She’s totaly throwing all you suppose to be trend setters under the bus! I’m not gonna mention any names because I’m not going to be blacklisted from the Go-TO stylist lists lol but she has GROWN women drooling over her style and the child cant even buy a drink at the club! LOL…How are yall letting this happen?!? Oh I know because yall dont have me styling you! The industry needs me!!!! Don’t worry… I’m coming to save yall ASAP! In the meantime yall can try to bite but this chic is too far ahead!!!


TOTALY Inspired

When I originally came up with Egotistic I was actually thinking of bringing onboard an illustrator. Sketching was my least favorite thing to do when I was in school. The reason is because its not one of my strengths. While attending F.I.T my Illustration instructor actually worked for “VOGUE” ..totaly a gift & a curse lol. He was amazing. His work was effortless. Its almost like he was taken from his mothers womb with a pencil and pad in his hand 🙂 It was extremely intimidating and motivating in the same token. Needless to say I became less confident in my sketching ability because not only did I have this amazingly talented instructor but I was also surrounded by amazingly talented students who also seemed to sketch effortlessly. I did give up. I was so great at sewing, draping, & pattern making that I figured who cares if I suck at sketching. But giving up is for Losers and God knows I’m a winner! So my dear friend Charles Lord who has an amazing collection( & who will also be onboard for Egotistic suggested I check out his friend Aaron an African American designer ( and I was totaly inspired to start sketching again!

The Glass is Half Full Not Empty

It’s amazing how once you start thinking & viewing everything on a positive note how much happier you would be in life 🙂 Ok  you wrecked the SLR but did you die?!?! 

Living is so much more beautiful than anything! I’m glad I wake up every morning! Every decision that I’ve made and every situation that I have been through always worked out for the best! Everything I do everyday is a positive experience because I’m ALIVE! I’m Living SON!! And I don’t want anyones life but Mines!

Mistakes: Don’t Make Those!!     Regrets: Don’t Have Any!! 

Don’t let people around you tell you what life is like…. Live it for yourself! And live it being POSITIVE!!

Growing with your Companion

Who you chose as your mate ( and YES!! you can chose) has a HUGE impact on your life! I’ve been in an extremely serious relationship going on 8 years now! Wow thats crazy! We’ve come a long way and we’ve only began to scratch the surface! I am experiencing this thing called ‘life’ with my Soulmate! I love my man! I cant explain it…. but I wanna explain it…. The feeling is crazy! I knew from the moment we were introduced we could be something. We are something!! It was unspoken! It was gonna happen! No was not an option! I’m getting goosebumps now thinking about it now….

We challenge each other!

We motivate each other!

We inspire each other!

We encourage each other!

We support each other!

We LOVE each other!

We are each other!     


Nothing Can Hold Me Back!!!

They say ‘the apple does’nt fall too far from the tree’. Because of that I get strength from my mother and many other  great characteristics. This morning in my email I was overjoyed to read the following message my mother sent:

Have you ever seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm or hurricane? That tree may be bent so far over that it’s almost touching the ground, but when the wind finally stops, that palm tree bounces right back up. And do you know that while that palm tree is hunched over under the pressure of the storm, it is actually growing stronger? Your going to be like a palm tree because the storms of life will come, the winds will blow, but you are going to come right back up again stronger than before! Nothing will hold you back!!! No matter what’s happening in the world around you, Keep Standing. Keep believing. Your brightest days are right in front of you and Gods plan is to bring you blessing and victory all the days of your life………….

Mom your the best!!


There’s a ‘gift’ and a ‘curse’ for everything. Its how you view them is what can make life much easier. My ‘gift’ and my ‘curse’ is EXPECTATIONS!!!! It took me to this very moment to realize that my very high expectations is not just a GIFT it can sometimes become a curse depending on the ways I have perceived them!!! And because of this it may sometimes seem as if I lack APPRECIATION for the things that I have been GIFTED with!!! So Im taking this moment to soak up all the many blessings that I have !!!


The beauty of this winter is that  I really get the chance to hybernate. It’s an extremely innovative experience. The fridge is stocked, the bar is loaded,  and the Apple TV is over heating from all the music and movies being played!! My mornings consist of being ‘inspired’! I’m either online staying informed about the fashion industry, reading magazines covering travel fashion and health , or sitting in my chair reflecting. I think constantly about the future!! My dreams! My Aspirations! You ever just wanted something so bad you could not imagine life without it?!? My mind is killing me! It’s going a million miles a moment! I’m thinking about EGOTISTIC!.. future fashion shows… my manhattan office! My editorial library is coming together so I’ve been getting great design ideas and concepts for Egotistic… I’m definitly getting inspired!! and my butt is definitly  getting big from all the cooking and eating out 🙂 again that’s the beauty of winter but the assets will be even more beautiful in the summer…..ya feel me LOL 




It’s been an ongoing resolution of mine to start the new year fresh all across the board! For me its getting that new cut to shed the last years dead ends! This definetly sets the tone for my year to come!! I also decided to have a newfound attitude towards LIFE! As I progress in age Im becoming much more aware to what’s really important to me in MY life and living in general!!! So for the 09 my resolution is to prioritize and appreciate the meaningful things! …. Oh my gosh I don’t even know where to start with my goals!?! I have so many that my mind is extremely cluttered! I honestly don’t know where to start .. not because I’m confused but because I want to accomplish them all!!!