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Experience the Extreme :

Hello My Loyal Readers!!! I know I have been absent from this site but all in great cause!! I have  been extremely focused on creating an amazing website for all of you to indulge. I now have a new BLOG layout and am very proud to introduce it to you! I have been working very hard to execute my vision and I am thankful that you all have been experiencing this journey with me. I created this blog to document my fashion voyage and Wow have I progressed tremendously!! I put endless hours into keeping you all updated on your favorite Egotistic Chics and also shared my life with you!!! I am so grateful that the new website is my complete vision and I am passionate about going even further. I am so proud to welcome you to the EXTREME!!!!! WWW.EXTREMEEGOTISM.COM You all now can shop the Egotistic Collection and not just hear me speak about it! ENJOYYYYYY