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Egotistic Update: Note from the Editor

Hello Everyone! I have not been updating the blog with any new posts because the website will be launching very soon. On the website a new updated design on the blog will be presented. I am extremely excited as I know you all will loveĀ  it very much. I am delighted to have you all experience my Egotistic journey. It has been quite an adventure. The new site will be more innovative and unique. It displays a lust for being Egotistic. Details of the site will be given very soon. Please stay tuned. xoxo


Fucking INSANE!!!

When I think of the Epitome of my brand,.,.Women like Rihanna, Madonna, JLO,Halle Berry, Beyonce all ring a bell as I see my pieces on them in the FutuRe but when I think of a woman who effortlessly is Egotistic and who I would even love to have as a face of the brand (hey u gotta dream BIG) I fucking think of JANET!!!!

Her photo shoot for Black GLama !!

Nicki Gets Glamour!

Nicki Minaj is such a cute girl. Her smile is even more radiant. However she does not always seem cute with the gimmick of clothes she often wears. I was just explaining to one of my girlfriends that I would love to see her in more sophisticated clothing that exudes Fashion! I guess the Fashion Gods heard my cry as she is featured looking like a true Barbie and not the ones the little girls don’t want to play with.