A NiGhT of EgoTisM

Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to premier some of my Fall items at Nina Chanel Boutique that will be on the website and these ladies were not Digital Girls they were Egotistic Chics in the flesh.

Above & Below:  Model is wearing Egotistic Fringe Cropped Tee  & Egotistic Mocha Madness Chain paired with Amari Carter Tulle Skirt

Above: Model is wearing Extreme Fringe FrenzyLeather Chain Below: The boutique was packed to capacity for the show

Above : After the show I was delighted to see my friends who came out to support.  I am seen here with DANGER her alias for the Egotistic Entourage. Isn’t she a cutie?! Below: One of the hosts wears the Egotistic Fringe Cropped tee. It hit the runway worn with the fringe in the front and here it is worn to the back. Either way makes for an Egotistic Look

Last Monday the homeys hit me and said we should hit up Club Reign in celebration of Alex Gidewon’s Bday Party. Alex is known in Atlanta to host some amazing parties I mean AG Entertainment is a household name for the nightlife. Im picky about where and when I go out and because this was a Black Tie Affair I was down for the cause. Club Reign is one of Alex’s new spots that he owns which took over where Velvet Room was located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. I use to kill Velvet Room back in the day fresh out of high school and was excited to see how he transformed this spot because even then it had elegance.  There are two parts to Club Reign. There is the Dubai Room in which we partied that has more sophistication and class to it being it has more of a lounge vibe. The other part is more funky and gives a Studio 54 feel. When your an Egotistic Chic you can bounce back in forth to both and thats what we did.

Above: Dubai Room Below: Me in a Vintage custom Dress. This dress was actually made for me for the night.


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