Pharrell Williams New liqour : “QREME”

Pharrell Williams has released a hit and this time its not production its within a glass filled with ice or maybe without ice depending on how you like to enjoy your alcoholic beverages. He launched a new drink for those over the age of 21 called Qreme. The original launch party was in Hollywood last week and our west coast sources who attended said the drink is remarkably delicious. I will post images of some of the fabulous guest that attended but not before I delight you with Dorian Grace who attended the NY launch which is going on as we speak.  Pictured below with the man of the night Pharrell. Dorian is wearing the sexy leather fringe back out tee from my Egotistic brand.

The tee is super sexy and can be worn to the front or the back and is set to be a ‘best seller’ on the website which is going to be up very shortly guys! Trust me your going to have a fun shopping experience. I can’t tease you. I know you all love fashion and the brand so why not give you a back shot of Dorian’s Egotistic Look!

The party in Hollywood included talent such as Venus and Serena Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Robin Thicke, Melody Thornton and many more. Here are a few pics from that launch party.


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