Egotistic Chic: Jakota Joi

Last year when I moved to Atlanta I was instantly greeted by new people who welcomed me into their circle of friends. I guess that is what happens when your “EGOTISTIC”! Its easier to be accepted with the cool kids. My clients became my social network and friendships were developed. One night I attended a BBQ at the beautiful ‘Realm’ highrise apartments in Buckhead and after the sunset and the bubbly was popped us women sat around and had awesome girl chat. In the midst of this one of the guests pulls out this awesome bronzer and starts shaking the tube on her wrist to show us the marvelous sparkle it contained. The entire table of women gasped as we were amazed with such an awesome product.

I instantly asked who made this bronzer and how can I get my hands on it. The young lady continued to show us lip palettes that had glimmer, shine, and vibrant colors. At this point the BBQ had become a makeup party! I was given the owner of the brand contact information and instantly contacted her. That woman is JAKOTA JOI who not only owns Artistica Cosmetics but she is also a makeup artist , topped with making custom metal jewelry pieces. Jakota currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland was recently featured in their local newspaper for her great talent, brand, and skills.

Jakota and I have never met in person but since I contacted her last year we have built a ‘brand fan’ relationship. That means that we ship each other pieces from our brands. I currently own close to 50 items of her product which will last me close to a lifetime. Heres a small portion of items I have from her collection:

As I mentioned in an earlier post I spent a fabulous time traveling cross country which gave me an awesome desert tan. Jakota’s product totally enhanced this glow.

I am totally addicted to her product. So much that I honestly carry all 50 items in my makeup bag everywhere I go when its time to beat the face and no other brand is used but hers. You too can be an addict. Check out her website her website does not do the product any justice. You have to have these items in your hands to appreciate the pigment. Better yet on your face to make a statement!


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