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Happy Birthdayy Lioness!!

Dude I have a HANGOVERRRR!!! Yesterday was my bday. I have a feeling Im going to be celebrating until the month of Leo is ova darling! I have an event on Sunday which caused me to not make an out of town trip, however my fabulous friends wanted to get out and celebrate for an all white affair. I haven’t done the club scene in monthssss! I have been super focused but I had to sparkle for this one night.

(above )White LV sunglasses totally enhance the Egotistic Fringe Tee. This is currently my favorite piece from the brand. I have soo much fun making these tops. Their also very fun to wear. They will be sold on the website so you too can have an Egotistic night.

Wowzers!!  The girls picked me up in a Panamera and you can’t step in that whip or out for a birthday night without a Mean Shoe Game!

While I was running errands for the brand (work never ends) I had to meet up with my intern to grab leather she cut for me. We met in the Walmart parking lot (Gotta loveee Walmart) and to my surprise she had some balloons, a super cute card, and a big ole red velvet cupcake for me. I totally felt like a kid again. I guess with age its the little things you start to appreciate.

After meeting with my intern I hit my PO Box to pick up denim a couple of my clients shipped to me to rip and paint and I had a very touching card in there from one of my childhood best friends. I instantly cried after reading her message.

Her message says: ” I thought only a glittered up zebra card would be diva enough for Ms.Egotistic Egotism 🙂 I’m so proud of you ya little fashion diva 🙂 From finding all the TJ MAXX & Shoe Carnival deals to designing and making your own clothes and jewelry 🙂 In  the words of Lillie Cutter (which is her mother who passed of cancer who always called me Shorty) “yo go shorty” (and thats when the tears poured) . Love Amy”

This card means so much to me because I’ve known Amy since 8th grade and we instantly became best friends and I’ve only gotten mad at her once in my life over our 16 years of friendship. She has seen me make jeans using hot glue sticks which is very “GHETTO” lol.  To know that my closest friends are proud and have witnessed my journey only makes it more full filling. I have a long way to go with the maximum potential of my brand but I also have to appreciate and be grateful for how far I have come and that birthday card was an excellent reminder.

Well another year down! Im super blessed to have life but its time to plan my 30th birthday. See you in PaRis Bitcchsss!!


Egotistic Look: Rihanna Sept Glamour Magazine


This dress is ovaaaa!!

Angela Simmons did a photoshoot on the beaches of Malibu and I gagged when I saw this dress!

Lady of the Hour: Beyonce on set of Album Cover

Beyonce released images of her on set of her album release CoVeR photoshoot. Its extremely egotistic and I loveee the back shot 🙂 The photo shoot took place in PaRiS on the rooftop of the Le Meurice hotel.

For my PeTiTe LadiEs!!!

I’ve always loved my height. I’m 5’1 to be exact and although I was called “shorty” growing up I was never offended it was something sassy about being small. Maybe because I’ve always had that “Napoleon” attitude, but in a way that it worked 🙂 You would think that because I’ve always loved fashion that I would play in all arenas of wardrobe but for some reason Im so not a ‘dress’ girl.

Although Im short I do have curves and to me their perfect ( or  maybe that’s my Ego taking over LOL ) . I have been blessed with real boobs (34D) a small waist (27) and a decent amount of hips (38) and a cute ‘apple bottom’ . Again although I do have these curves I have always escaped dresses unless I was attending a function. Im getting older (and sexier) so I promised myself I would start wearing dresses more often and not feel SWALLOWED by the material since I am PeTiTe. Yesterday I had dinner with my family who are only in town for the weekend and decided I would wear  a casual dress to dinner to get some practice.

Pharrell Williams New liqour : “QREME”

Pharrell Williams has released a hit and this time its not production its within a glass filled with ice or maybe without ice depending on how you like to enjoy your alcoholic beverages. He launched a new drink for those over the age of 21 called Qreme. The original launch party was in Hollywood last week and our west coast sources who attended said the drink is remarkably delicious. I will post images of some of the fabulous guest that attended but not before I delight you with Dorian Grace who attended the NY launch which is going on as we speak.  Pictured below with the man of the night Pharrell. Dorian is wearing the sexy leather fringe back out tee from my Egotistic brand.

The tee is super sexy and can be worn to the front or the back and is set to be a ‘best seller’ on the website which is going to be up very shortly guys! Trust me your going to have a fun shopping experience. I can’t tease you. I know you all love fashion and the brand so why not give you a back shot of Dorian’s Egotistic Look!

The party in Hollywood included talent such as Venus and Serena Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Robin Thicke, Melody Thornton and many more. Here are a few pics from that launch party.

Extreme Egotism: Beyonce covers Complex Magazine

WHoa! you know your a bad bish when you can make a pair of basic high waisted boy shorts look sexy than a muthafucka!

If its soothing to my eyes to glare at Beyonce’s body then it must be one great feeling coming home to her! Aside from her appealing looks she has such talent that will put her down in history as this generations icon. I had the pleasure to hear her current album and its always refreshing how she revamps her sound. I lovall of the tracks but my fave is with Andre 3000 and Kanye West. It transforms you when you hear it and it takes you to a place you don’t want to escape.

Egotistic Chic: Jakota Joi

Last year when I moved to Atlanta I was instantly greeted by new people who welcomed me into their circle of friends. I guess that is what happens when your “EGOTISTIC”! Its easier to be accepted with the cool kids. My clients became my social network and friendships were developed. One night I attended a BBQ at the beautiful ‘Realm’ highrise apartments in Buckhead and after the sunset and the bubbly was popped us women sat around and had awesome girl chat. In the midst of this one of the guests pulls out this awesome bronzer and starts shaking the tube on her wrist to show us the marvelous sparkle it contained. The entire table of women gasped as we were amazed with such an awesome product.

I instantly asked who made this bronzer and how can I get my hands on it. The young lady continued to show us lip palettes that had glimmer, shine, and vibrant colors. At this point the BBQ had become a makeup party! I was given the owner of the brand contact information and instantly contacted her. That woman is JAKOTA JOI who not only owns Artistica Cosmetics but she is also a makeup artist , topped with making custom metal jewelry pieces. Jakota currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland was recently featured in their local newspaper for her great talent, brand, and skills.

Jakota and I have never met in person but since I contacted her last year we have built a ‘brand fan’ relationship. That means that we ship each other pieces from our brands. I currently own close to 50 items of her product which will last me close to a lifetime. Heres a small portion of items I have from her collection:

As I mentioned in an earlier post I spent a fabulous time traveling cross country which gave me an awesome desert tan. Jakota’s product totally enhanced this glow.

I am totally addicted to her product. So much that I honestly carry all 50 items in my makeup bag everywhere I go when its time to beat the face and no other brand is used but hers. You too can be an addict. Check out her website her website does not do the product any justice. You have to have these items in your hands to appreciate the pigment. Better yet on your face to make a statement!

Casual Egotism

Kelly Rowland in the UK

Egotistic Wrist Wear

I think anyone that knows me by now for certain knows that I am a FASHIONISTA! For some reason I think my DAD must have overlooked this critical element of his daughter as he shared with me his fabulous watch collection (which by the way I been sleeping on pappis taste). When he asked me if I wanted to see his watch case Im thinking calmly to myself “Sure why not?!” you know in that tone to please the other person but not with enthusiasm. So I open the case and again still did not think anything of the watches until I pulled them out and said “HOT DAMN!! Daddy got some joints up in this joint lol”

I say that Pappi must have forgotten that I was a fashionista is because my lovely father failed to ask if I wanted to depart with one of these lovely watches 🙂

Breitling, Rolex, Bulova, & TAG

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