On Location : HOP Model Management Photoshoot

Sunday I did a photoshoot for HOP models for one of their models portfolios and they wanted to give her some edgy beauty shots along with some funky fashion forward looks. Who else do you call when you want edgy pieces?!?,.,.the Egotistic Brand! I always utilize these images and would never agree to shoot if I was not able to get my brand image across. You will be seeing the outcome of these images on my website.

Model wearing the Egotistic Leather Fringe Tee in Black

These are the shoes she wore with the Egotistic Tee

Fringe Tee on Hanger! Its just as SeXy off as it is ONNN!!!

I would not be a fashionista if I didn’t play around with the product on set!! Accessory Overload!

My brand is rarely a part of  “beauty shots” as most beauty shots are kept simple and clean and the Egotistic Brand is far from that,.,.however they went edgy. This is what the on location shot looks like from my iphone,.,.

And this is what 2 of the images look like edited from the photographer!! He diddd that!! Can’t wait to see the others!! The model wearing a chain from the collection and the Painted Lapel Blazer!



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