Tiffany Evans rocks Egotistic Painted Denim

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Tiffany Evans a few weeks ago on the set of a photoshoot she was doing with KONTROL magazine. I originally went to drop off pieces from my brand as I never try to interfere with the stylist that is on set. I am a stylist myself but being that I am breaking into the industry as a designer I must know my place. Tiffany shot a red leather fringe tee from my collection for KONTROL which I will reveal that look once they release their summer issue.  When I went to pick up the pieces that I had dropped she instantly came up to me with excitement. She lovesss the brand. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. She was vibrant and radiant.

Lucky for her Im just as bubbly so I radiated off of her energy. She was so enthused about the brand that I gave her 5 pair of painted denim on site and told her to rock out! Well lucky for me she did just that and she looks adorable wearing a pair on the cover of BE MAGAZINE


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