Casual Egotism

I went to the W Whiskey Bar in Atlanta last weekend for a Jive Launch Party to celebrate one of their new artist getting signed and honestly I wasn’t into the festivities I was in my own world brainstorming about new pieces I wanna make. This particular night I was my inspiration and to release these ideas I went to the bathroom and started snapping pics of myself and I came up with a dope idea,.,.,

As I was playing around in the bathroom and putting my middle finger up I decided to add a glove to the collection just for the middle finger!! Im gonna write f$$$ you in paint and attach it to the remaining of the fingers with chains! No worries I will post the fuckn glove when its done LOL! By the way I love my hairstylist. She enjoys creating new looks on me and she came up with this fabulous idea of glazing my mane in the front and leaving the back darker,.,.I love the glow of it

Some of my chains from the collection are “One Night Stands”, some of them Im married too, and some of them I would have an affair with!! None of them are for threesomes,.,.they are not to be shared! This piece was made for one night and this night only!


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