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The New Face of Louis Vuitton is 16 years old!!

At 16 most girls who want to model are spending years trying out for castings that may only land them modeling in their local mall. Very few rise to doing commercials or print work and a very select few will be gracing ink for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Well not this young girl,.,.

Nyasha Maronhodze started modeling just two years ago after winning the UK Elite Model Look competition in London in 2009.


She was discovered by a fashion scout in the street in her Northamptonshire hometown and invited down to London to take part in the contest.


The schoolgirl, who arrived for her first casting wearing her school uniform – experienced a meteoric rise through the echelons of the fashion industry, with an impressive debut season that saw her walking for shows including Louise Gray, Clements Ribeiro, Jonathan Saunders during London Fashion Week SS11 as well as Loewe, Emanuel Ungaro, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Louis Vuitton in Paris.

And now, the industry newcomer models couture clothes from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection in a slick advertising campaign art directed by the label’s creative head, Marc Jacobs and shot by world-renowned fashion photographer Stephen Meisel.



She’s beyond dazed & confused!! Shes onn Fire!!

Beyonce covers British magazine DAZED & CONFUSED!!! I need some new adjectives for her because Hottt, Smokkingg and Egotistic is an understatement! Guess I’ll break out the thesaurus for my next post on her!

On Location : HOP Model Management Photoshoot

Sunday I did a photoshoot for HOP models for one of their models portfolios and they wanted to give her some edgy beauty shots along with some funky fashion forward looks. Who else do you call when you want edgy pieces?!?,.,.the Egotistic Brand! I always utilize these images and would never agree to shoot if I was not able to get my brand image across. You will be seeing the outcome of these images on my website.

Model wearing the Egotistic Leather Fringe Tee in Black

These are the shoes she wore with the Egotistic Tee

Fringe Tee on Hanger! Its just as SeXy off as it is ONNN!!!

I would not be a fashionista if I didn’t play around with the product on set!! Accessory Overload!

My brand is rarely a part of  “beauty shots” as most beauty shots are kept simple and clean and the Egotistic Brand is far from that,.,.however they went edgy. This is what the on location shot looks like from my iphone,.,.

And this is what 2 of the images look like edited from the photographer!! He diddd that!! Can’t wait to see the others!! The model wearing a chain from the collection and the Painted Lapel Blazer!


Extreme Egotism


These pics of Cassie for Vibe.Com have been floating online for a couple days now! Sorry Im just giving you the Egotism but I had to post even to document for those who may not have seen , but to even have archived for inspiration. Lovely! The remaining images were so Egotistic I had to post as well. Gotta love Gaga! Solange is the new face of Rimmel Makeup!









Egotistic Inspiration

When your artistic its not common to be inspired by a lot of things but when your creative its not common to be inspired by many innovative things. My jaw dropped, heart stopped, and hair raised on the back of my neck when I saw these images of Eva in the California desert for Vibe Magazine! She really got me on this one. So I came up with an awesome theme for my next shoot : Desert Meets Royal Wedding




Tiffany Evans rocks Egotistic Painted Denim

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Tiffany Evans a few weeks ago on the set of a photoshoot she was doing with KONTROL magazine. I originally went to drop off pieces from my brand as I never try to interfere with the stylist that is on set. I am a stylist myself but being that I am breaking into the industry as a designer I must know my place. Tiffany shot a red leather fringe tee from my collection for KONTROL which I will reveal that look once they release their summer issue.  When I went to pick up the pieces that I had dropped she instantly came up to me with excitement. She lovesss the brand. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. She was vibrant and radiant.

Lucky for her Im just as bubbly so I radiated off of her energy. She was so enthused about the brand that I gave her 5 pair of painted denim on site and told her to rock out! Well lucky for me she did just that and she looks adorable wearing a pair on the cover of BE MAGAZINE

Addicted to Fringe






Casual Egotism

I went to the W Whiskey Bar in Atlanta last weekend for a Jive Launch Party to celebrate one of their new artist getting signed and honestly I wasn’t into the festivities I was in my own world brainstorming about new pieces I wanna make. This particular night I was my inspiration and to release these ideas I went to the bathroom and started snapping pics of myself and I came up with a dope idea,.,.,

As I was playing around in the bathroom and putting my middle finger up I decided to add a glove to the collection just for the middle finger!! Im gonna write f$$$ you in paint and attach it to the remaining of the fingers with chains! No worries I will post the fuckn glove when its done LOL! By the way I love my hairstylist. She enjoys creating new looks on me and she came up with this fabulous idea of glazing my mane in the front and leaving the back darker,.,.I love the glow of it

Some of my chains from the collection are “One Night Stands”, some of them Im married too, and some of them I would have an affair with!! None of them are for threesomes,.,.they are not to be shared! This piece was made for one night and this night only!

Rih Rih Exposed

Rihanna covers this month of Cosmo Magazine and as always she did a Cover right! You all know I love this chic! Like I’ll seriously have a girl fight over her and I don’t know the broad. See I know that may make me seem borderline groupie,.,yeaa I can see that! It may also make me borderline stalking a bish,.,.yea I can see that but Im honestly just a fan of her innovation.

I had to come across as my normal Rih Rih fan in the beginning of this post only because Im a little sadded by how open she is on the cosmo quiz! The world knows shes sexy but for some reason she feels like she has to ooze sexxxxx all the time! I believe when your as sexy as Rihanna not every chance you get to express yourself does it have to pertain to being a FREAK!!!. I love an open on edge woman but some things should be left to your inner sexy.