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Extreme Egotism: Kelly Rowland Wonderland Magazine

Whattt upp Peepss!!! As you know my flow is so Egotistic and my next move always gotta beat my last move! I set a dope ass tone on this site so when yall log on your anxious for the Egotism!!! Gotta keep that energy on every post!

I’ve been a Destiny Child fan since NO NO NO NO NO!!! I watched every move that group made and even fell in love with the costumes ( wardrobe, apparel,etc etc) that Ms. Tina (Beyonce mom) would make for the group! I adored their choreography, their hairstyles, their makeup, their freaking VIDEOS!!! It hurt when the group broke up but I also loved BEYONCE as an artist because of her innovation. However her shine out shined the others and it was somewhat pitiful to see the others bite the dust. I was rooting for Kelly Rowland. Her voice was always soothing but due to a few blooper songs she failed to meet fans expectations. When I tell you whatever drink Miss Kelly Rowland has been sipping in the last few months has put some sass in that ass because first her song “Motivation” which is the sexiest I have seen her but now thissss,.,.

This image was not a part of the shoot but the serenity of this picture is awesome! The glow of her skin is awesome!


Egotistic Look: Dawn for Connect Magazine

I have my days where I seriously get bummed because Im so ambitious and I have so many goals set for myself that the progress of my brand may not be quick enough for me. For some reason when I have those moments God finds a way to change that feeling by delighting me with some outside source that shows how hard I really have been working. This Monday morning was a bummer. I wasn’t my normal bubbly self. I was frustrated by the thoughts of who owe me money, the million things I have to accomplish by Saturday and what the hell Im gonna eat for breakfast lol

One of my bff’s who is in the Entourage called me at 830 this morning to wake my ass up. Im normally up by then but this morning was a real MONDAY. She hit me and said how she posted a picture of me on her bbm and how many dudes had hit her asking who I was. I wasn’t flattered I was bummed remember. She said BITCHH wake your fabulous ass up and start creating. I wasn’t in the mood. Today all I wanted to do was write a book about love and to my surprise Im on chapter 7.

The day progressed slowly and I still had no idea what I was going to eat for breakfast only because I refused to cook. So I skipped that meal and BBQued a burger at the pool. So here I am and because God knows how to cheer his children up I was delighted to find the official images of my Egotistic Chic Dawn from Dirty Money killing my chains. As this burger digest and my skin gets tanned I now present you one hellll of an Egotistic Look!!!!

Pain, pleasure, love, heartbreak, trial, and triumph are words that describe the emotions one would sense while listening to the story Dawn Richard of Diddy Dirty Money tells in her first mixtape, “The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart.” As a New Orleans, native displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Dawn has been through a tumultuous past six years; and this mixtape serves as the story of her survival.  With her heart playing the role of narrator, the mixtape reveals everything from loss and hurt to her need for a “Champion”.  The storyline is not all struggle-filled though. Songs like “Runway” show the positive side of her journey, while “Superhero” is an offering of herself as a savior to another. All in all, the journey has not been totally bad.  If anything, it’s more of an allusion to prevail.  She went from homeless to MTV’s “Making The Band” to the chart topping female group, Danity Kane. After a successful run (and not so happy ending), the group was dismantled and Dawn joined her boss, Sean Combs and singer-songwriter Kalenna Harper to form the trio Diddy Dirty Money.

A special thanks to Olori Swank from Swank Imaging for her awesome styling. Check Olori out her fabulous work and inspirational energy at the link is in my Egotistic Index.

a day of Egotism: Sweet Auburn Festival

When I was in high school my friends and I would get cute and hit the Sweet Auburn Festival which is held every year the weekend of Mothers day on the historic Auburn Avenue where you can also view the tombstone of the late Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta. There is so much Georgia history on this street. Auburn Festival is a soulful event of great food, vendors and awesome people. I was one of those awesome people growing up who would spend all her money buying sunglasses and jewelry from the local vendors.  Years later I attended the festival not to buy but to promote my Egotistic Brand in the lovely Yanise Monet Boutique which is located on the famous street. 252 Auburn Avenue to be exact.

Above I am wearing a pair of Fever Fringe leather earrings from the brand which are also for sale at Yanise Boutique. I am also wearing a custom blouse made just for me by the lovely designer Amari Carter who I am mentoring and the young talent is only 16 so be prepared to see more of her work on this site and in the future. Below is the window display of  Yanise shop which happens to showcase the Spring Fringe piece from the collection and the Mocha Madness Chain.

Above : Me and the Beautiful Yanise Monet owner of the posh boutique and hair salon located on Auburn Ave. Here we are outside enjoying the festivities of the festival. As the brand grows the days of Egotism will be enhanced and I look forward to an Egotistic Life.

Egotistic Look: Dawn Rocks Egotistic Fever Fringe Chain