Everything Comes Full Circle

I’ve been told that life happens in cycles and that one day you awake and you realize that your life, the people in it, and the events that are occuring are a reflection of your past life but you as an older person. One thing you cannot do is control time and how these events are aligned. For the last year of my life everyday has felt like a time zone,.,kind of like being caught in the matrix and the more I strongly reflect I feel as though my thoughts from 10 years ago are playing out in my life today. There are some things that I am experiencing that I am extremely proud of that makes me smile from the inside out and there are other things that I have to question. For some reason I know that the things I am proud of will continue to please me and the questionable things will no longer exist because my life has come full circle in a decade cycle.

Everyday I count my blessings and am strongly depending on FAITH  to keep me focused, ambitious, and successful at the route I am taking. With that same FAITH I pray that my ambition allows me to keep the right energy in my life and for GOD to faithfully remove the evil spirits and anything that can block my vision. As you all know I am building a brand and last month I received a phone call from someone that I went to Junior High with asking if she could be my intern. I was extremely flattered that she is willing to work for me and admire my destiny so much that she is willing to execute any task given to her. Along with being flattered I was more shocked that she specifically wanted this position because she was rather mean to me in school LOL. We never spoke after highschool and I never saw her until our dinner meeting to discuss her duties. At the meeting I expressed to her that regardless of the relationship we had in the past we have money to make! When you age your suppose to mature and that we have. Due to my confidence within myself there was also no further reason to hold anything she has ever done or said to me as teenagers because I highly believe in our force together. Our dinner went extremely well and Im thrilled to have her on my team.

Sunday we attended a BBQ together to reconnect with our friends from Junior High school and it was an absolute blast. On this very Sunday I realized how far I have come based on the compliments I receieved with my accomplishments and the fact that I Egotistically wore earrings from my brand really sealed the deal on my journey.

Meet me and My Intern Samone (right)


These are the awesome Egotistic Comic Earrings I made specially for the day!

They say after life comes back at you once Success happens!!! Atlanta is just a pit stop to whats next. I had to come back get grounded, put life into perspective, focus on whats important ,.,Now its time for me to give the big dipper a high five. Lets Go GOD!!! xoxoxoxoxo and to everyone who reads my blog NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING INTERFERE!!!!!!!! ALWAYS KEEP IT MOVING #live, laugh, loVe!!!!!!


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