My Friends ROCKKK!!!

I’m truly blessed in so many ways but I’m blessed in one area where not too many women are and that’s having a shit load of awesome friends. When I was growing up people around me would say “Nicole, you use the word ‘friend’ quite loosely” and honestly its because I had so many. I never believed in ‘associates’ because every person that I associated with were dear to me. I’m really a girls best friend! I love girl talk, girl nights on the town, and being inspired by beautiful women. I’ve never been the shy type so it doesn’t surprise me that at my age I have so many friends that I honestly have a problem picking which ones to hang out with on any given day. When I say FRIENDS I mean I can call my chics at any given time for any given thing and I can trust and rely on them!  I cherish every moment with them and I look forward to our growth.

All of my friends support me in such an uplifting way that I think of them when I create. I say hmm I bet Charli will kill these earrings, or Velda with rock the perfect shoe with these painted pants, or Dorian’s skin will make this chain pop, or although Amy is conservative she may appreciate the bows on this tee, & being that Brandi is in LA she can rock this during Grammy Season when she’s out networking, or Sasha’s bubbly personality can pull this off , or Monique’s sassy attitude will bring light to this bangle and Toni’s aggressive personality will enhance this clutch etc etc etc!!! These are all real people I mentioned and because I have such an array of awesome women I’m forever gifted.  and speaking of gifts one of these women just gave me something I will cherish from a FAshioNisTA’s PersPective!! This b$$$$ gave me a White Mink FENDI spy bag that cost more than a mobile home loll I loVe it!

and its funny how the people you admire when your a teenager become your biggest fan. Charli Baltimore loves my Collection. It means so much to me that she gives her stamp of approval because I can bet money on any broad in the world including my Rih Rih that she’s not fresher nor flyer than CB! I’m so looking forward to her making a mark on fashion! We speak constantly on creating a brand together and she is part of my Egotistic Entourage but if you seriously take a moment to GOOGLE IMAGE her you will be amazed at her wardrobe game! When I first met her I spent hours going thru her handbags, shoes, clothes and was in total effin awe! Girl has gifts that Notorious B.I.G gave her back in the day that are to die for! and I hate name dropping so not my character but she’s under rated at the present moment. I believe because she’s associated or linked to certain men that some people can’t get  past that image but if I have anything to do with changing that I AM & will because she’s EGOTISTIC by definition and I aim to see her succeed! Here she rocks one of my drop chain Earrings!



  1. Thanks for posting. Good to see that not everyone is using RSS feeds to build their blogs 😉

  2. I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a minute bit to find your site…but I bookmarked it. Would you mind if I posted a link back to your post?

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