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Mutha effin Bananas!!!

I swear she can’t do any WRONG in my world of Fabness Book!!! This is so ridiculously SeXy & Insane Im losing my mind smh


The EGOTISTIC grind!!!

I really gotta say Im proud of myself! For one I haven’t been out to party in months. I’m sitting here trying to remember the last time I bounced to a beat in a club & ummm Crickets lol! I’ve actually been doing quite the opposite and thats getting my brand PoPPiN!! I know I say it quite often but Im so thrilled to have this site to document my progress because I honestly feel like I will have an amazing story to tell 🙂 There comes a certain point in your life when just talking about what you wanna do becomes pointless if there are no actions behind them. I’m pass the BraInStorming stage this Bitch is ExEcUTing!!

I landed another boutique in Atlanta to sell my jewelry. Yanise Monet 162Auburn Street Downtown & this is how my pieces will display on her mannequins.

I will also be adding the Zodiac Freak tees into this location along with my painted denim. Gonna be one cute Egotistic Presentation.

and yesterday afternoon I had a photo shoot to add more images to the Egotistic Website which will be the domain to purchase pieces and I was extremely satisfied with the results. These pictures were on location shots from my phone so you won’t completely see the ultimate effect of the Egotism but their DOPEE!!

The models above are wearing Kae Couture Swimwear with Egotistic Painted Travel Bag. The model below is rocking Egotistic Leather HAlf glove with Jewel attachment and an Egotistic Chain. These shots were haute but again this is a sneek peek to the Egotism 🙂

Me below displaying my Egotistic Bitch clutch with the designer who made it just for meeee!! Its so vintage cute! When I do get out this Spring Im def gonna rock out with it to emphasize me being an Egotistic Biiitttcchhh!!! Oh yea I’m rocking the royal blue Mummy Wrap Earrings from the collection on my Casual Cool!

and every Fly Businesswoman needs a FreSh briefcase, duffle bag, and sunglasses to match! Mine happens to be some exclusive shit. Ted Lapidus & vintage Diane Von Furstenburg Sunglasses!

Stay tuned for Egotistic Movement. The grind never ends! I GO HARRDD IN THE PAINT LOL! xoxo an Egotistic chic!!

Egotistic Chics!

Aasha Adore is a young vibrant dj who gets the party jamming in her Nike’s and skills! She’s such a young talent that she is featured in the current issue of Smooth Magazine. She currently resides in Baltimore but you can catch her in any city, at any hot spot, giving some hot tunes!

Aside from her beauty, and present accomplishment she’s such a charming sweetheart. We met last year at Dlux Boutique Web Launch  as I made her some Egotistic Painted/Leather Jeans to rock out while creating an awesome vibe. It has been a delight knowing her since because she values my opinion on fashion and asks for ideas when she’s spinning,.,.Cute!

Below is the write-up exactly featured in SMOOTH,.,.enjoy 🙂

Aasha Adore’s style as a DJ is to be heard and not seen. Looking at her pictures, we think it should be both.
In the male-dominated realm of deejaying, there have always been a handful of females who knew how to rock a party. Spinderella. Jazzy Joyce. The late K-Swift.  And the next one in the pantheon just might be the D.C. area’s own, Aasha Adore.  The 22-year-old Chinese-Black beauty grew up in a tough neighborhood in Baltimore. To stay out of trouble, she would spend hours and hours at home listening to music. Back then, she was heavy into Baltimore club and house music, with small doses of hip-hop. In high school, Adore kept busy, in part because she “wanted to be in every picture in the yearbook.” She damn near succeeded, too. Debate team, Spanish club, president of the student government, track, tennis, volleyball: You name it, Adore did it.
Then, at a party during her busy senior year, Adore met DJ Big Nasty, a Baltimore turntable veteran. She took to sitting around and watching him spin. 

To read the rest of this article and more, pick up SMOOTH #50!

We have a DJ above and a Fashionista below! Sandy Gordon is one of my Egotistic Customers & supporters. She has an awesome blog which is featured in my Egotistic Index. She recently purchased an awesome pink painted clutch from the brand and shared a link with me to view her personal style. I was delighted and smiled on the inside when I saw the pictures and wanted to share with you the Egotism! I love when my customers rock out in my pieces!

My Friends ROCKKK!!!

I’m truly blessed in so many ways but I’m blessed in one area where not too many women are and that’s having a shit load of awesome friends. When I was growing up people around me would say “Nicole, you use the word ‘friend’ quite loosely” and honestly its because I had so many. I never believed in ‘associates’ because every person that I associated with were dear to me. I’m really a girls best friend! I love girl talk, girl nights on the town, and being inspired by beautiful women. I’ve never been the shy type so it doesn’t surprise me that at my age I have so many friends that I honestly have a problem picking which ones to hang out with on any given day. When I say FRIENDS I mean I can call my chics at any given time for any given thing and I can trust and rely on them!  I cherish every moment with them and I look forward to our growth.

All of my friends support me in such an uplifting way that I think of them when I create. I say hmm I bet Charli will kill these earrings, or Velda with rock the perfect shoe with these painted pants, or Dorian’s skin will make this chain pop, or although Amy is conservative she may appreciate the bows on this tee, & being that Brandi is in LA she can rock this during Grammy Season when she’s out networking, or Sasha’s bubbly personality can pull this off , or Monique’s sassy attitude will bring light to this bangle and Toni’s aggressive personality will enhance this clutch etc etc etc!!! These are all real people I mentioned and because I have such an array of awesome women I’m forever gifted.  and speaking of gifts one of these women just gave me something I will cherish from a FAshioNisTA’s PersPective!! This b$$$$ gave me a White Mink FENDI spy bag that cost more than a mobile home loll I loVe it!

and its funny how the people you admire when your a teenager become your biggest fan. Charli Baltimore loves my Collection. It means so much to me that she gives her stamp of approval because I can bet money on any broad in the world including my Rih Rih that she’s not fresher nor flyer than CB! I’m so looking forward to her making a mark on fashion! We speak constantly on creating a brand together and she is part of my Egotistic Entourage but if you seriously take a moment to GOOGLE IMAGE her you will be amazed at her wardrobe game! When I first met her I spent hours going thru her handbags, shoes, clothes and was in total effin awe! Girl has gifts that Notorious B.I.G gave her back in the day that are to die for! and I hate name dropping so not my character but she’s under rated at the present moment. I believe because she’s associated or linked to certain men that some people can’t get  past that image but if I have anything to do with changing that I AM & will because she’s EGOTISTIC by definition and I aim to see her succeed! Here she rocks one of my drop chain Earrings!

Egotistic Look

Angela Simmons recently shot  for the latest issue of Beauty Entertainment (BE!) Magazine.



Geek Squad

Being a fashionista is super fun! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It means your able to be a chameleon and switch the look up whenever your heart desires. Last month my brand and I packed up and unloaded at a “Flashing Lights” event which featured photographers doing on site photoshoots and vendors such as my ” Egotistic” brand. I went onto the hosts webpage : where she spoke of the event and to my delight I found quite a few images of myself & my pieces being featured. Yep straight nerd egotism!!!

Egotistic chics go shopping

Lauren London, Cassie and ATL star Malika Haqq were out shopping in LA a couple days ago but everyone has bags except for Malika. No hate on the other girls but Diddy money goes a lonnggg wayyy and baby daddy support aint that bad either loll

Ok fine let me not stereotype these beautiful women. I’m sure their spending their own hard worked money 🙂 maybe, maybe not but either way shopping is always great!

Zodiac Freak

If you guys have been paying attention I am absolutely in LoVe with horoscopes! I was on twitter a few weeks ago expressing how I was going to make tee’s that said I love being a Leo (which I do) and one of my clients instantly hit me with the request to make a “I Love being a Capricorn” tee and this is what I made her,.,.,

I’m always proud of my work and I always love it but when I posted this on Facebook I’ve already gotten more orders from all the Egotistic Chics who love their sign! Nice!

and this bag was sold to another client but the two together are super cute!

Egotistic Encouragement


Every moment of my life is of great value.

My life’s journey takes me down many roads, and my progress can be measured by various mileposts or accomplishments. Yet my journey is more meaningful than any one outcome or destination. Every moment is special and of great value. Every realization is another step in my spiritual growth and unfoldment.

Along my path I become aware of my power and passion. My desires are gifts from God that drive me forward to learn more and become more of who I am meant to be.

Each day brings me closer to God. As I remain centered in God’s presence, my journey is safe and sacred. God leads me to my highest good.

Put these things into practice, devote yourself to them, so that all may see your progress.–1 Timothy 4:15