an Egotistic Piece for 2011 Bronner Bro Hair Show

I know I’m a week late on the hype of the Bronner Bro 2011 Hair Show but the hype is still in my heart because last minute I was asked to make a piece for the show. It was quite a personal ask being the winner JEANETTE THOMPKINS lives next door to me. Her and her husband Doug have a hair salon/barber shop called “Flava’s” which is located at : 752 Moreland Avenue Unit #9

I actually met Jeanette and Doug about 6 weeks prior to the hair show. We were introduced by another neighbor who knew together with my jewelry, their shop, and our creative juices that we would instantly bond. Their “ASIAN” theme was powerful and planned out incredibly. When I went over to show them my portfolio there were kimono’s , bright colored weave, glue, and interesting geisha costume figures spread all across their living room. I was in complete awe of what I saw. Its rare that I become speechless to creativity but their work was a jaw dropper.

For weeks I saw them bust their ass in their salon to get prepared for the show! I was originally going to contribute a piece for Jeanette to wear for her finale but one day while I was over I was given a hand full of beads and was told to rock out and I made this piece for them:

and this is what it looks like on their beautiful model at the actual Hair Show which took place at the Georgia World Congress Center

and here is the lovely Jeanette on stage in action as a geisha matrix girl cutting that hair,.,whip it!! Whip it realll good!!

Jeanette BAck Stage

Amazing COnCept!!! And the Winner is JEANETTE THOMPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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