Candy Coated Egotism

Spring comes early this year!!! I’m in such a happy place right now! I have a team that fully captures my vision and I’m super hype for them and me! I was bummed because I wasn’t quite sure if I could adjust to being in Atlanta but I followed God footsteps and braced myself with patience and he blessed me with some awesome people in my life. This image is just a small fraction of what is in store for the website,.,. Candy Coated Leather Bangles from the collection!!




  1. Tiana Williams Said:

    Hi! Came across your site! Browsing the internet. Love it. How do I get my hand, well my wrist on these. I am a plus size diva so do you make them for us bigger fashionistas? Thank you


    • egotisticegotism Said:

      this set is $65 Your wrist size will be no problem 😉 I make pieces for women of all sizes. Please feel free to email me on how to proceed. they are great for spring/summer. u will loveeee them I can guarantee that!!

  2. jonDavi Said:

    You have such a beautiful spirit! It was such a pleasure meeting you on Saturday – our encounter was “PRICELESS”! We are definitely looking forward to networking with you going forward! Wuv you girl!!!!! Your designs are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      thank u sooo much,.,likewise!! You guys were awesome! Im a woman of my word we will def be tearing the town up very soon 😉

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