Dont save her She Dont wanna b saved!

Damn man I use to rock with Amber Rose but thats before the whore epidemic! I really believe Kanye loved her. There’s no way he would have her around for 2 years, showing her the world, opening opportunities for her if he didn’t have deep feelings for her. I was even rooting for them. He saw something in her that he was attracted too (which can’t be much aside from her body, innovative look, and sex appeal because the broad sounds stuppiddd as hellll when she opens her mouth) to take her from the lifestyle she was in,.,.BUTTTTTTT

When you are a STRIPPER that means you take your clothes off for MANY too see which also means that takes a certain lustful mindset. Correct me if Im wrong but thats pass courage, and heart! Thats I HAVE A SEXY ASS & I WANT YOU ALL TO SEE and one thing about a WOmans BoDy is its a sculpture. IT’s art, its manifested to be solely for your companion. A woman was made from a MAN to be fruitful with him not to expose it to the world!

When you have money on the scales as Kanye this type of slut is worth the investment bc its some great sex, great sex, and great sex so the trips, wardrobe, and couple dollars she walked away with was no dent to Kanye’s pocket because in return he got some GREAT SEX loll. Some prostitutes are around for a night, a week, months and in her case YEARS but its rare these whores last a lifetime with a man. And when I say a Man I mean a MAN not a street dude, not a thug, not a drug dealer, not a slime ball politician, but a male that wants a well rounded family who can be taught and raised properly on morals, values, and success in life!! Who really thinks Amber Rose will be a great mother?! Cmon cut it out!

The moral of this story is YOU CANNOT TURN A HO INTO A HOUSEWIFE no matter how faithful your attempt is. JUst AinT Happening! Juila Roberts just happened to be the only woman in the movie “Pretty Woman” who played that ho-housewife role and notice there was not a part 2 🙂



  1. Super-Duper blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      Thanks a bunch!

  2. Saidah Said:

    Damn homey lol! Omg men are blinded by a beautiful woman and it doesn’t matter what she does as long as she is doing them! I don’t have respect for Amber Rose. It’s a classy way that you could handle fame and it’s a trashy way, she chose the latter smh. By the way love your blog! I too am a aspiring designer 🙂

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      You hit the nail on the coffin!! ( i think thats how u say it lol) anyhow yes she totally handled her fame in a trashy way. I was really TEAM AMBER ROSE until every athlete, rapper, and lesbian became TEAM AMBER ROSE so now its just TEAM SLUT loll she is hands down one of the most beautiful women to surface in the entertainment world just sad that she fell into the epidemic of stereotypes versus going against the grain as I hoped! And thanks babe for loving the blog. Stay posted it will only get better and please follow your designer dreams 🙂 muah xoxo

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  7. Kati Edd Said:

    Thanks for posting. Good to see that not everyone is using RSS feeds to build their blogs 😉

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