i think i found my wedding dress!

Every since my recent move back to Atlanta my mother has given me all my old homework assignments from elementary and all of my pictures I took in highschool! This consist of about 2 large trunks of the last 28 years of my life. Im a picture fanatic! Life to me is always about capturing the moment and having these experiences to reflect on. And one day when I have offspring I want them to see how mama lived so they can be inspired but better yet TOP IT by 100 times!!!

So far the things I said I wanted to do in life I’ve managed to get them done and is in the process and progress  of doing more! They say when you write things down it creates a platform for success. God knows I’m a writer lol I’ve always had journals & diaries ( in some cases that got me in trouble lol) I’ve always been a DREAMER! I totally believe in FANTASY and I wouldn’t have my thought process be any other way. I’m saying this all to say that inside one of these 2 large trunks I found a homework assignment from the 3rd grade that said : “If you had 3 wishes to come true in the future what would they be?” my response was : 1. To marry Tevin Campbell (u guys remember him LOL ) 2. To have a big mansion on the hill with a picket fence with a family and a rich husband 3. TO have a Cinderella Wedding

Some question why I’m not married now. I’ve been in a relationship with the same person for 10 years this summer. We broke up last summer for the longest time ever (3 months to be exact) and during that time is where we both discovered we can’t live without each other. We’ve been dating since we were 18. We moved to NEw York together at 21 and have been living together since that age. I pride myself in my relationship and the great things we’ve done together.

We are not married not because there is no love but because were both DREAMERS!! When a man knows your worth he will BUST HIS ASS to please you and vice versa. He grasps the concept that a “Cinderella Wedding” has been in my brain since the third grade so therefore I will settle for nothing LESS! If that means waiting another ? years to accomplish this mission were both on board!! Were the modern couple, both extremely UnIQue , Creative and AMbiTioUs with that said WE MAKE OUR OWN GOT DAYUM RULES!!! We don’t always do what everyone else thinks is right we follow our hearts!!! I’ve watched friends rush to their proposal because their family believes they should andddd lets just say,.,.,nothing lol

Because of my writing insanity, my standard insanity, and my Dreams I’ve been actually planning my wedding the entire time I’ve been in the relationship. I know my destination, I have my theme and my colors,.,.and I think I found my Dress!!!!

I’ll take this DIAMOND AS WELL LOL



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