Egotistic Encouragement!!!

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. -Oprah

THIS STATEMENT IS EXTREMELY PROFOUND! SOMETIMES WHEN WERE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME WE FEEL OBLIGATED TO REMAIN CLOSE TO THEM FOREVER! NOTTTTTTTT!!!!!! ITS SO NOT ABOUT QUANTITY BUT THE QUALITY THAT LIFE BRINGS AND REGARDLESS OF HOW LONGS YOU WERE FRIEND WITH SOMEONE IF THEY CAN’T INSPIRE YOU THEN ITS TIME TO MOVE ON!!!! SO TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WERE IN MY LIFE BEFORE 2011 THAT DOES MOVE ME IN AN EGOTISTIC WAY CHANCES ARE YOU WONT THIS YEAR EITHER,.,. DUECES!!!!! AND ONE HAS TO UNDERSTAND THAT BEING BRUTALLY HONEST IS A GIFT. I DON’T F$$$ WITH FAKE HOES ALL I TOUCH IS ,.,.,.,.,, this is all said with no negative intent but its quite simple. There are people in life who become content with the things they do.  When you are a DREAMER their mentality of settling will be a huge turn off to you.  Your momentum will OVERSHADOW THEM!!! You cannot succeed if peoples energy is not the same as yours which will prevent your thought process from excelling!



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