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Denim MAdness

I was standing in line at Walmart last night getting groceries, neon paint, and glue when I discovered some cute jeans in the latest ELLE Magazine! So funny when your inspired by other work,.,.however these jeans were my last summers look from my Egotistic Brand. The painted ones were,.,.

The dirty denim is sick!!! Gotta revamp those! In the meantime here’s my EGOTISTIC Painted and bleached denim I just finished in the showroom!!



I dont know the brand! Don;t shoot me! Saw this on facebook from Glam Sense and they are seriously sexy!

Egotistic Attitude!!!

Egotistic Look

I’ve been trying to upload posts for the last few days and because of my abundant amount of comments left my blog was froze. I know I’m late on this look of “Dirty Money” in PAris for Fashion Week but its still smoking!!

Egotistic Encouragement

Unconditional enjoyment

One of the most reliable ways to ruin your enjoyment of life is to put too many conditions on that enjoyment. You can put so much time and energy into getting the conditions just right, that there’s nothing left to enjoy.

Instead of seeking and striving to enjoy life, just simply enjoy it. Enjoy the moment you’re in, without placing so many judgments or conditions on it.

Is it really so important that events and circumstances line up in exactly the way you wish? Of course it’s not.

Often, life’s surprises can turn out to be pleasant surprises if you’ll simply let them. Make the choice to do less fighting against what comes, and more enjoying of what is.

Think of the time and effort you put into proving you’re right or getting your way. Visualize spending that time instead in unconditional, authentic enjoyment of the amazing life with which you’re blessed.

Don’t work so hard to make enjoyment what you think it should be. Just relax and let your life be filled with the rich enjoyment of each special moment.

— Ralph Marston


How u get all that in some jeans?!

The new Apple Bottoms campaign featuring Lisa Raye‘s daughter Kai Morae.

The campaign was shot last month by Derek Blanks, with mama Lisa Raye watching from the wings. Kai is Apple Bottoms’ first plus-size spokesmodel.

Wowzers!! Halle Berry @ Golden Globes

Egotistic Shoot: Willow Smith: VAnity FaIr

Power Couple of the Century!!



YESSSSS!!!!! Nicole and Boris Kodjoe hands down hottest look on the red carpet last night for the BET HONORS!

Iman and her oldest daughter! HAUTE!

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