Extreme Egotism Atlanta Fashion Awards

My brand was nominated by the Atlanta Fashion Network as one of the “Best Accessory Designers” in Atlanta. You can log on to vote at atlfashionawards.com  Extreme Egotism Column 16

How Cool!! 2010 hands down is going to be noted as a WiLD, SeXY, CrAZY year of EnDuRaNCE, CouRaGe, & ProGreSS! Striding forward is  always accepted in my Notepad 🙂 as long as it accurately provides priceless lessons learned,.,.,. in the Process of ProGreSs!!! I’ve created a brand, stayed dedicated to it, believed it can work and I’ve seen the magicalll word ‘progress”! Soooooo the crazy part about this year being crazy is that something tells me its going to get crazierrrr which is somewhat freaky,.,. but yet Egotistic 🙂 I welcome crazyyyyy as long as it continues to come with ‘Progress” lol  &

absolutely POSITIVE energy!!! An over abundant flow of  LoVe!!! &&&&&  some EGG NOGGG dashed with Nutmeg!!!!


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  1. This post makes a lot of sense !

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