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Egotistic Cover

Rihanna LOUD album Cover Preview!! Love it!


While in Scotland do what the Scotland’s Do

Kerri Hilson is a PreTTy GirL

ohhhhhh somebody is feeling thy self and I aint mad at her cause I’m PreTTy too LOL! and in her new lyrics seems as if she’s either catching it for being cute or simply just broadcasting her beauty 🙂

Get yourself together don’t hate, jealous is the ugliest trait/I can talk about it cause I know that I’m pretty, if you know it too then ladies sing it with me.

All eyes on me when I walk in, No question that this girl’s a 10. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful/ My walk my talk the way I dress/ It’s not my fault so please don’t trip/ Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful/Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful/ Now Do The Pretty Girl Rock

Egotistic Encouragement

Do You Have A Cheerful Look?

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health. Proverbs 15:30

When we approach each day with a heart that is thankful, trusting, and humble, our cheerful faces will testify that we are content in God alone. Soon, others will notice and be drawn to the heart of God in you.

Now on the other hand being in the presence of someone who is gloomy, impatient, unthankful, prideful, and selfish leaves us unsettled. Usually, this is the type of person no one wants to be around.  The unpleasantness can be detected quickly in both the countenance and speech of that person; it is the outward reflection of their heart.

A cheerful look may be as simple as a smile, a kind greeting or giving someone a compliment. The effect of the cheerful look or attitude is immeasurable.

It is true; when you are happy your face shows it.  And what happens when you are around someone whose face is cheerful?  It’s easy for you to start feeling and looking cheerful.

Today, begin to look around.  Do yourself a favor and have a positive attitude.  Make it your ambition to have an attitude of gratitude! Think of all the wonderful things that God has given you and I am sure that you will have a smile on your face to encourage someone else.

Prayer: Father, thank you for all of the wonderful things that you have given me. And please help my face to show that I am a thankful person. Amen

Be Blessed

Casually Cute

These looks Kelly Rowland did for Complex Magazine is one of those looks u wanna just revamp when its snowing out to tease your man 🙂


Say it isn’t sooooo!!!! Cmon Rih Rih I go harrddddd for youuuu!!! Why u do me like this?!?!


Sorry Shawties I can’t rotate I’m still somewhat computer illiterate but these shoes are cuteee!!! In a “I’m a Witch Fairy” type of way!! Didn’t get a brand check 😦

I’m just saying?!?

When you make this face is your nose suppose to be crooked?!? I’m just saying lolll

I’m GawKing!!

This some sicckkkk shyttt! I ain’t saying wanna throw up I need to take some medicine kind of sick I mean I’m getting fashion dizziness from how insane this mother daughter duo just wont stop! Not only are these images inspiration but its innovative on soooo many levels!!! Some pictures say a thousand words I can think of a million. One being SMOKINGGG!!!!

Wowwww!!! What a difference a BoDy makes!!!

Whollly Molllyyyy!!! Like for realllllll this dress looks massively different on each one!!! DAYUM you wouldn’t even think they had the same bloodline at how drastic the body type is Wowzerss!!! I aint even saying who killed it!! You got eyes u be the judge lolllllll aahahhahahahah

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