Egotistic Chic : Bailey Li

Its pretty clear I love posting women who are on the move! And its even clearer that I like to support Women on the Move who are Moving in my Circle! Bailey Li is co-founder of which is an amazing site of exotic and vintage inspired handbags which exude immaculate Italian craftmanship such as the handbags below:

Brooks and Bailey online boutique offers exotic and vintage inspired handbags and accessories at affordable Price points featuring Ghibli Italy, handbags which exude immaculate Italian craftsmanship, with their complex design and texturing, using exotic python skin and other luxurious natural materials. Prices range from the mid $200s to over $1,500. also Clara Kasavina handbags and accessories…the price points are slightly higher than Ghibli because each piece is handmade and embellished with crystallized and vintage elements. Ghibli italy is mentioned and sold amongst some of the world’s premiere designers of ‘haute couture’ . such as : Diego Rocha, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Cleo & Patek, Versace, Andrew Marc, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, and more!
The Crocodile Architecture bag below is my absolute fave handbag from the collection! VEry Chic , Fun , & Trendy but super classy in one! The jewels that are embedded add a spark of excitement and the combination with the leather is eye heaven!
It don’t stop there for Bailey She also represents an amazing jewelry brand which is under her umbrella company and on the site as well! Now that I mention it Bailey I need this cuff!
and she absolutely does it justice wearing it herself along with the Jewel Silver Cuff!
And Lastly this awesome Egotistic Chic (yea we represent more than one thing, its called having a great dynamic ) is also an Interior Designer. Gotta love an all around creative woman!! Her Interior skill is illuminant of high end Italian Design which goes hand in hand with her bags! I die!!


  1. latonya Dargan Said:

    Do ur thang Li! I’m extremely happy with your accomplishments! Keep up the great work! God is good!

  2. natasha dargan Said:

    i have always admired your beauty li and more than that you strong will to do big things and live your live to the absolute fullest…great go mama!

  3. Hello
    Congratuations your business looks beautiful.
    Linda Strobert

  4. krystal star Said:

    Alicia your are very inspiring and I’m so happy for you. Keep doing what you do and don’t let the haters stop you, because there is someone that is trying to be you and trying to stop what you do so keep your head up Sis I see you going places fast!

  5. Bailey Li Said:

    Ladies thank you so much for the love and support my business partner and I put our heart and soul into building brooks and Bailey and we really appreciate that you took the time to to make these beautiful comments I am so blushing right now! Love you ladies!

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