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An Egotistic Look : Jeremiah Listening Party @ Greenhouse NYC

OOOO MMM GGGEEE I have sooo much to talk to you guys about sheesh I don’t know where to start!! I’m soo behind I know 😦  I get a pass this time because I’m back in NY for the first time in 4 months and I been RUNNINNGG like crazy so crazy that I promised my girlfriend of 10 years that I was going to personally make all her babyshower invites Egotistic Style and I have yet to mail them 😦 But i had to let you guys in on my Egotistic Jeans that I personally wore last night to Jermiahs Listening PArty @ Greenhouse and they were featured on

and this is what the writer had to say: Midnight Fashion marauding (at the Jeremih listening party) I spotted these egotistic jeans. Fashion week came early with these remixed pair of vintage Levi’s. Original, custom classic. A sexy fit with an edgy approach. Dress this look up with a beautiful silk blouse and playful toes and killer shoes! Done. Ready for the weekend!

All I caN SAY IS nicee!!!!


Dear Ego!! Sex n the City :)

Today really is a happy Monday! Its starting off awesome! My fortune cookie states that within the year I will be embarking on a bold and exciting adventure. I’m always excited about change thats positive. I awoke to some amazing encouragement in an email from my awesome mom which is Egotistic Encouragement :

Live Today:I live this day one precious moment at a time.I choose to be at ease with the present moment whatever form it happens to take. This is a moment I do not want to miss.If I let my mind linger in the past or stray into the future, I might miss the fullness of what life holds for me right now. I am unable to change the past, so I gently let it be and focus on living. I realize I have plans to make for the future–but I do not live there. I live right here in the present moment.

Right now, I have the opportunity to say “yes!” to life, to be alive and aware of the wondrous energy of God coursing through my body.

I live this day one precious moment at a time and enjoy the life I’ve been given. I am grateful for the fullness of my life and for each golden opportunity to live it well.

I found this perfect timing being that I’m headed back to the BIG APPLE for the first time in 4 1/2 months!! WOW time really does flyyy!! It could not have come at a much anticipated , needed, and well productive time!! I’m seriously about to feel like Carrie Bradshaw because for the first time in my 7 years of me living there I am SINGLE! Whew I gotta brace myself!! Some women would find this a devastating time but I’m sooo tackling it full throttle with excitement! Not that dating is going to be a priority in my life but like Carrie if I keep my fashion work my main focus MR. BIG will come 🙂 Fashion Week is approaching, Fashion Night , I have amazing business meetings set up and I have a Fashion Show that I will be featured in! I’m super thrilled! You guys gotta stay posted! My posts are gonna be even SEXIER now because I’m about to be one Egotistic Sexy Chic in the City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casually Cool

OMGEee  I love ittt!! Solange dining out yesterday at the Grove

Blonde DeMon

Kerri Hilson’s new look is really cute! Gives off a demonic look but its enticing!

Egotistic CoVer

Ciara’s new song, ‘Speechless’ comes with a cute profile look as artwork for the new single. The latest single from her upcoming ‘Basic Instinct’ album.

Casually Egotistic!!

Wow! Marriage life must be super amazing for LALA!! She was seen out & about in the NYC looking super cute! Love the leopard and stripe combo! You better work child!!

Aren’t they cute?!

BFF’s Kelly Rowland & Brandi were out having dinner last night at Katsuya and I love the Girl Power!!

So Egotistically Bougie


A true Fashionista stays ahead of the game! Although the weather is still blazinggg out we still have to think about what were gonna be rocking once the leaves change colors! I made it easy for you 🙂 Here’s some great fall fab fashion & accessories!!


Camilla Skovgaard

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