Extreme Egotism: dimepiecedesigns.com

I absolutely HAVE to do finish my official EGOTISTIC selling WeBsite but in the meantime I’m soo getting inspired by other great ones that capture pure innovation. My fab girlfriend put me on to this site! DIMEPIECES.com!!! Amber Rose has been spotted in some of the pieces and they are very much affordable! Check it out! It will be added into the Egotistic Index to automatically click 🙂

The above tee is a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen! The back of the tee says ” FAshion Is NoT Suicide”. Although I love the tee not quite sure if its a great tribute tee. Seems unsensitive but somewhat a deep concept once u think about it. As a designer myself there is much that goes through the brain. Creative minds are somewhat imbalanced and pressure & stress can add to the intensity but I like to think nothing is taking your life for 😦 He will be missed!!

The slogan bag is just great! Depending on who u ask the above statment can be true or false LOL hmmm is your bills being paid by love?!

Now thisssss Home Decor poster that is sold on the site is soooo Egotistic!! I need this in my showroom!!! Hot Damn!


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  1. Rory Culotta Said:

    I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

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