This post is dear to me! Quite often I post Egotistic Looks, Extreme Egotism, or Egotistic Chics on women I have no relation with but I document them for my viewers because these women have a familiar fan base and because I too admire their style, love their image, but most importantly because they are empowered by their drive, determination, and motivation to follow their dreams in a MANS WORLD! My dear friend Dorian Grace owner of the uber fabulous trendy boutique in Englewood NJ is featured in this months SMOOTH MAGAZINE

Dorian hasn’t marked a year on her DLUX calender to celebrate her Grand Opening which was last December and she’s already made a huge fashion impact to the shopping strip of Englewood . Over a decade into the fashion game Dorian has progressed very well. From an associate buyer at Saks ,to Sales Executive at Sean John ,Manager of Sales at House of Dereon, to finally attempting to revive Eve’s brand Fetish, Dorian decided it was time to no longer put her energy into uplifting other brands and decided to utilize her knowledge in being her own brand DLUX that is!!! Hot damn Im a proud friend!!! A tear drop to the courage of building your own empire and another tear for me personally witnessing the groudbreaking success to my dear Egotistic Chic Dorian Grace! I love u 🙂

When I started this site a year and a half ago I had noooo idea where it was going to go but I knew what I wanted it to be! I now have thousands of views per day and the support of MTV expressing how they love the content of my site! I look forward to each post and supporting women on the rise and women who have risen above the day to day factors but always manage to stay on top! When u indulge yourself into the site don’t only acknowledge the fashion but understand the mission 🙂 And DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!! SHOP AT DLUX 21-A N Dean Street Englewood NJ


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  1. Raymundo Noy Said:

    Interesting read, perhaps the best article iv’e browse today. We learn everyday cheers to you!

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