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Extreme Egotism: Egotistic Pearl Chains

So my girls are going to a PEARL PARTY this weekend which will be hosted at Chops in Buckhead and who else did they call on to make their Egotistic Chains?!? Yep ME! I was thrilled I love themed parties and a PEaRL Chain is right up my alley! I can’t wait until they send me the images from this haute themed affair 🙂 Here are the chains I made,,


Men ShoeGasm

SLammm dunn dunna dun dunna let the boys be boys!!! Yooo I have no idea what the words are to that song but yall get meeeee!!!!!

Extreme Egotism:

I absolutely HAVE to do finish my official EGOTISTIC selling WeBsite but in the meantime I’m soo getting inspired by other great ones that capture pure innovation. My fab girlfriend put me on to this site!!!! Amber Rose has been spotted in some of the pieces and they are very much affordable! Check it out! It will be added into the Egotistic Index to automatically click 🙂

The above tee is a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen! The back of the tee says ” FAshion Is NoT Suicide”. Although I love the tee not quite sure if its a great tribute tee. Seems unsensitive but somewhat a deep concept once u think about it. As a designer myself there is much that goes through the brain. Creative minds are somewhat imbalanced and pressure & stress can add to the intensity but I like to think nothing is taking your life for 😦 He will be missed!!

The slogan bag is just great! Depending on who u ask the above statment can be true or false LOL hmmm is your bills being paid by love?!

Now thisssss Home Decor poster that is sold on the site is soooo Egotistic!! I need this in my showroom!!! Hot Damn!

Car Fetish

BOYYYY STOPPPP (BIG BOI VOICE)) Okkk My Atlien is sooo coming backkk!! Its crazy how fast I adapt to my enviroment. I can be a sex N the city broad or a country bumpkin loll Gotta love the diversity. So with that said its Noo Wonder my latest car Fetish is olldddd schoolllllssss!! well honestly I love any dope whip but it must have some character to it!! Just like my Man HOT DAYUMM!!

Egotistic Sexy : Michael Ealy

I love my Egotistic Chics so I have a treat for u babiess!!! Ohh wee I was in the hair shop getting my summer mop head done ladies and I was cruising thru the latest Essence Magazine and I hit the breaks fasttt when I saw this brother 🙂

Honestly it has nothing to do with everything in the image but the substance in his words when asked about women. I attempted to write the full article in my notes but I was so hype I couldn’t even focus! So I managed to get the one sentence that captivated my attention and when asked about his MAJOR turN on his response was : ” An au naturel woman! Pull the hair back, take off the make-up, and let me see her!!  Haute!!

So nott Egotistic!!

Can Somebody please inform Jazzy Pha that lime green pants paired with an orange and white striped shirt only works when your playing POLO loll So sorry I know I know I’m generally nice but I couldn’t help this one! It was somewhat of an eye sore while I was having a midnight snack last Sunday @ Justins. Yep its closes before then but when your exclusive they keep the doors open for u 🙂 What u know bout that back room in Justins?!?

an Egotistic Request from MTV

Helloooo Egotistic Readers!!!! I was recently contacted by MTV (the content department to be exact) in which kind words were expressed on the innovative content I share 🙂 It was a huge compliment because I do take pride in updating you all with the latest in trends and informative insight for my fashion leeches to stay ahead of the game! In retrospect I have more inspiration and it comes from updated fan sites on MTV webpages. To all my Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Lil Wayne fans check out the fan pages MTV has kindly put together for your Egotistic Viewing…. happy reading 🙂

Michael Jackson Information from MTV
“Michael Jackson” can be the hyperlink to:

Beyonce Information from MTV
“Beyonce” can be the hyperlink to:

Lil Wayne Information from MTV
“Lil Wayne” can be the hyperlink to:


This post is dear to me! Quite often I post Egotistic Looks, Extreme Egotism, or Egotistic Chics on women I have no relation with but I document them for my viewers because these women have a familiar fan base and because I too admire their style, love their image, but most importantly because they are empowered by their drive, determination, and motivation to follow their dreams in a MANS WORLD! My dear friend Dorian Grace owner of the uber fabulous trendy boutique in Englewood NJ is featured in this months SMOOTH MAGAZINE

Dorian hasn’t marked a year on her DLUX calender to celebrate her Grand Opening which was last December and she’s already made a huge fashion impact to the shopping strip of Englewood . Over a decade into the fashion game Dorian has progressed very well. From an associate buyer at Saks ,to Sales Executive at Sean John ,Manager of Sales at House of Dereon, to finally attempting to revive Eve’s brand Fetish, Dorian decided it was time to no longer put her energy into uplifting other brands and decided to utilize her knowledge in being her own brand DLUX that is!!! Hot damn Im a proud friend!!! A tear drop to the courage of building your own empire and another tear for me personally witnessing the groudbreaking success to my dear Egotistic Chic Dorian Grace! I love u 🙂

When I started this site a year and a half ago I had noooo idea where it was going to go but I knew what I wanted it to be! I now have thousands of views per day and the support of MTV expressing how they love the content of my site! I look forward to each post and supporting women on the rise and women who have risen above the day to day factors but always manage to stay on top! When u indulge yourself into the site don’t only acknowledge the fashion but understand the mission 🙂 And DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!! SHOP AT DLUX 21-A N Dean Street Englewood NJ

Egotistic Look

Teairra Mari drops her  new single titled “Body”. The song will be featured on her upcoming album “Sincerely Yours” that will be released on August 17th.  I guess with a song titled “BODY” its only right u show it off 🙂 Love the swimwear or one piece for that matter!! Great color and volume! I wish anyone who continues to go after there dreams much success and Teairra Mari is not giving up!!

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Diamond rocks Egotistic Pieces!!

Yesterday Atlanta’s own female rapper DIaMoNd Princess Miss Diamond had her video shoot for her new single “Lotta Money” which features Gucci Mane here in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of making her some pieces for the video. I stopped by location as well and was delighted to see my chain hanging for her next look. She also wore a pair of my fave Egotistic Painted Jeans. I loveeee painting the denim super fun and the outcome gives for a high end edgy approach 🙂 Shout out to Diamond’s stylist Sakeya. Love the bow chain combination with the jeans! Great job!

The actual chain that was worn! Sooooo Egotistic!!!

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