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MocHa MaDneSS

                                                                                         Black is soooo beautifulll!!



Dawnn oh Dawnn Oh Dawnn!!! Now this is a product of what persistance isssss!!!!! From trying out for Making the Band to Danity Kane to Last Train to PAris to these bomb ass Egotistic Pics!!!

Her stylist for the shoot, Ugo Mozie, tells YBF: “I want her to feature more of her own personal style.  Dawn is very fashionable. Her sense of style is very chic and eclectic.  So I’m basically here to bring that out of her.”

Egotistic CHIC!

Theres always something to be respected about a woman who is talented and creates her own style! M.I.A covers the latest issue of NYLON MAGAZINE!!

Gangstaa Girllll

Who said Blondes weren’t capable of getting gangsta?!? Powerful pic! Combination of the suede boots with khaki shorts and a baseball cap gives a feminine edge! Like G.I JAne meets high fashion grundge!!!


I lovveeee FLYYYY BITCHSSSS!!!!!!! Its some chics that really dont wanna see another chic look amazing but I seriously live for seeing each woman get fresh on a daily basis! Men too 🙂 Aight this my last time sayin I thought I was gonna be in fashion twilight zone when I touched down in the A but I instantly met new haute peeps and I been grinding daily! One of my new clients who lives in Buckhead who is now a cool friend of mine has been having me make house calls to the crib to either drop off pieces I made for her or measure windows (yess Egotistic Interior Design has been added under the umbrella company) and I gagged when I seen this heffa shoe wall! I think a little spit up came too lmao! I say this because every pair is EGOTISTIC!!!

MuRder Rippp!!!

So I got a special request for someone to rip them something fierce for their vacation to Jamaica and their inspiration was this image below of Beyonce

Ofcourse I’m a pretty original broad and as much as I think these are sickkk I had to Egotistically do them my way!

I killed these shytsss!! LITERALLY!!!



So when I first moved back to the A my NY friends was worried that I might get stuck in my creativity and that I could potentially get lost in Fashion. I gotta admit I havent lived here in 7 years so mentally my brain is functioning from 2003 so I somewhat was nervous my damn self about fashion. Gotta admit again that I was blowwnn away! They got the critical things I need u just gotta know where to go get it 🙂 Im def not missing a beat on Fashion and my creativity is actually improving by the day because I have mental freedom and square footage lol Im looking forward to my Egotistic JOurney here and one place I can always count on to make me smile for ShoeGasm’s is none other Saks Phipps Plaza….,.,.,.,

Egotistic Chics

My fave Egotistic Mother/Daughter Du0 were on set over the weekend for John Legend & Estelle video! Love these chics def Family and I love when they Rock out together cause their both sooo Egotistic! Charli rocks one of my pieces the Blackout Coin Collector and I was told India rocked a pair of my leather chain bangles!! Can’t wait to see the video India plays Johns love interest! Haute look!

This pic was twitpic’d by Marvet Britto check her out on Twitter! Always have the inside behind the scenes images!

Egotistic Look : Kissthedeejay rocks EGOTISTIC

SOOO my new obsession is djing! BUT I think I’m even crazier for a FEMALE dj ,.,. waittt I go psycho over a female dj who can ROCK OUT in Stetts!! Thats stilettos, heels, for all those unfamiliar with my egotistic terms 🙂 To have a passion for making people dance and be FLY at it oh your one Egotistic Chic!! IMPRESSIVE!! Thats the fabulous case with DJ Kiss. One of the most sought after in demand Deejay ,,, Kiss was named a “Woman on the Verge” by Playboy and she rocks out in one of my pieces for a photoshoot! The ivory bondage bangles to be exact 🙂 Sooo Egotistic!! Check her outtt!!!

Just imagine attending one of her parties,., u your girls (& the fellas to check her out) and u hear great music & you see her dolled up looking haute with dope sounds,.,. u gotta have a blast! For sure something refreshing to see 🙂 and here the Sexy Starlet rocks the GuNmeTal Blackout Egotistic Chain! Love it! Feel like a proud mama!! Gotta love when women KILL my Pieces!!! Exactly how its suppose to be done!!


My Atlanta Showroom is coming together! I haven’t officially set the hours yet as I have been gathering the necessary tools to make it one Egotistic Studio of all of my services. If you are in Atlanta and want to stop by the showroom to place an order for ripped or painted denim ,  shop my custom jewelry pieces , or schedule a photoshoot please feel free to contact me via email  EgotisticEgotism on Facebook   Twitter/extremeegotism


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