Egotistic Encouragement

You know they say that when people get money, a certain status, or more exposure they change. And I fully understand where that comment comes from now. The place in which it originated is from people who are not where they wanna be in life. Now heres  the thing..I’m super far from being Rich, Def not a celebrity (depending on who u ask lol), and I am nowhere near the exposed state in which my name or my brand is a household name BUT I can see the change in myself! Although I am not none of those things yet what I am is BLESSED!!! I let Go and I’m letting GOD! He who gives his heart and life to him will forever prosper! I see the change in peoples attitudes around me. To change is to improve and when u see a clear light for your future its only necessary to transform your life into positive thinking and postive energy. Those that are saying you have changed are possibly not content with themselves, their life, or the decisions they have made. That is no one’s fault but theirs! Never let someone elses downfall shatter your dreams! Stay focused on whats important. Prioritize your funds, your time, and most importantly the people in your life. Get rid of the drainers, the ones that do nothing but complain because complaints are blood suckers to your heart! The person u want to be should be worked on daily and the dreams u visualize should be executed on a consistent basis until u get to where u wanna be and hopefully theres no limit to that finish line! When u start your path to success be prepared for the negative energy of others and NEVER take it personal because personally its that persons personal problem 🙂 I havent been updating you guys as often as I should but thats because I’m on this Egotistic Road to Success which is occupying more of my time but  please know I miss u guys and theres much more Egotism to come! BIG THINGS POPPIN AND LITTLE THINGS STOPPING!!!! LOVE YA


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