an Egotistic Update!!

Hey My FAshion Leeches! I know u guys are wondering where the helllll I’ve been I know I’ve been asking myself that as wellll but I’ve been one busy blood sucker LOL I NOWWW have a showroom “Thank U Jesus” for the wonderful blessings and thank you baby ( my companion) for supporting me in this process! Yes I have relocated to the A-Town to fully develop my brand butttt I’m such a NEw Yorker at heart that my body will be teleported back n forth once I’m settled with decorating the new space! I’m soooo excited about the future even from the original development of this site I’ve come a lonngggg way in which I really have to pat myself on the back!! I have sooo many images to share with u guys! Images of my new Egotistic Showroom & Office, new Egotistic Pieces, & new Egotistic Looks of allll of your fave celebs! I’m on my way guys!! I’m loving life right now and the Grind only creates more productivity! I miss u alll and I really need to get assistants BUT I’m a firm believer in NOBODY doing something for u the way YOU can for yourself so please forgive me for my fashion absence but I’ve been busy being an Egotistic Biotchhh! I love you allll and please stay updated! Muahhh!!!



  1. Good! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  2. Intriguing post. I have been searching for some good resources for solar panels and discovered your blog. Planning to bookmark this one!

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