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Face of My Brandddd

Wowzers!! I dont even know where to start with myself or where I left off from speaking about me 🙂 You guys know I’ve been in the A town and I gotta admit I found a dopeee assss Live/Work Space for me and my baby’s work! Not my baby as in my bambino lol but my baby who I do the grown up with LOL I think for once I feel like some Egotistic Progression is about to take place with both of us on the same level! For those who havent been keeping up he’s a music producer thats beat maker for all my hood peeps 🙂  We’ve been together for 9 fucking years since we were 19 and now at the age of almost 28 were about to fucking KILLLL ittt!! We moved to NY together to pursue our dreams and together we stayed focused! That boy grinds his asssss off and although I could talk about our journey forever because its been one Egotistic One  and because I witnessed his drive it encouraged me to work harder! I always wanted my own brand, I went into our relationship with my own dreams, my own goals but knew together one day we would together be a PROBLEM! God has his own blueprint planned for us and in time were gonna be sitting on top of the world 🙂 I stopped questioning when but started planning for when it happens! With that said I’ve been in Atlanta GRINDING my ASS off and I just got started! It feels great to be home around wonderful family and friends but once I tackle this shit its back to the Concrete Jungle I go… I’ve always admired Kimora Lee she’s a bomb ass mogul and she inspired me to realize that can’t nobody represent your shit better than u can! Egotistic represents embracing who you are to the maximum and there are sooo many beautiful courageous strong women who will rock my pieces but for now theres only one face and thats me 🙂





Egotistic Couple

You can’t buy happiness! You can’t buy peace! You can’t buy a SOULMATE!! Congratulations to these two for officially announcing their new baby, new engagement, and new future together! They have caught a lot of negative energy from the public but LOVE overpowers any HATE! You guys look great smiling 🙂 PRICELESS!! Looking forward to giving the new honey bun a smooch 🙂

Egotistic Look: Dirty Money Promo Pics

Its almost that timeee Last Train to Paris is set to be released soon and I’m actually looking forward to hearing what this triplet pair has consumed together in the booths 🙂 Pretty unique peeps, something unexpected seems to await us,

Egotistic Look

I gotta admit Nicki Minaj has really grown on me! More so in the persona element. I don’t always think the clothing she wears is flattering to her curvy body especially with her having a large child fan base but I do think her lyrics and her approach is absolutely EGOTISTIC!!! Chic can ride a beat superbly (if thats a word) and its been stated she can ride or have someone ride a few things pretty great too but this VIBE CoVer shot is haute and its totally fitting to her unique self! Its been proven that female rappers are harder to stay alive especially to follow the ones that have succeeded but something tells me this chic is gonna be around for a minute!

Egotistic Encouragement

You know they say that when people get money, a certain status, or more exposure they change. And I fully understand where that comment comes from now. The place in which it originated is from people who are not where they wanna be in life. Now heres  the thing..I’m super far from being Rich, Def not a celebrity (depending on who u ask lol), and I am nowhere near the exposed state in which my name or my brand is a household name BUT I can see the change in myself! Although I am not none of those things yet what I am is BLESSED!!! I let Go and I’m letting GOD! He who gives his heart and life to him will forever prosper! I see the change in peoples attitudes around me. To change is to improve and when u see a clear light for your future its only necessary to transform your life into positive thinking and postive energy. Those that are saying you have changed are possibly not content with themselves, their life, or the decisions they have made. That is no one’s fault but theirs! Never let someone elses downfall shatter your dreams! Stay focused on whats important. Prioritize your funds, your time, and most importantly the people in your life. Get rid of the drainers, the ones that do nothing but complain because complaints are blood suckers to your heart! The person u want to be should be worked on daily and the dreams u visualize should be executed on a consistent basis until u get to where u wanna be and hopefully theres no limit to that finish line! When u start your path to success be prepared for the negative energy of others and NEVER take it personal because personally its that persons personal problem 🙂 I havent been updating you guys as often as I should but thats because I’m on this Egotistic Road to Success which is occupying more of my time but  please know I miss u guys and theres much more Egotism to come! BIG THINGS POPPIN AND LITTLE THINGS STOPPING!!!! LOVE YA


Egotistic Look: Yeahhh Boyyyy JHUD!!

an Egotistic Update!!

Hey My FAshion Leeches! I know u guys are wondering where the helllll I’ve been I know I’ve been asking myself that as wellll but I’ve been one busy blood sucker LOL I NOWWW have a showroom “Thank U Jesus” for the wonderful blessings and thank you baby ( my companion) for supporting me in this process! Yes I have relocated to the A-Town to fully develop my brand butttt I’m such a NEw Yorker at heart that my body will be teleported back n forth once I’m settled with decorating the new space! I’m soooo excited about the future even from the original development of this site I’ve come a lonngggg way in which I really have to pat myself on the back!! I have sooo many images to share with u guys! Images of my new Egotistic Showroom & Office, new Egotistic Pieces, & new Egotistic Looks of allll of your fave celebs! I’m on my way guys!! I’m loving life right now and the Grind only creates more productivity! I miss u alll and I really need to get assistants BUT I’m a firm believer in NOBODY doing something for u the way YOU can for yourself so please forgive me for my fashion absence but I’ve been busy being an Egotistic Biotchhh! I love you allll and please stay updated! Muahhh!!!

Extreme Egotism

Egotistic Look

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