When trying toooo hard goes wrong!!!

Ludacris hosted a fundraiser apparently at Lenox Mall yesterday at the Ralph Lauren store! Honestly I’m not sure if it was his fundraiser or not I didn’t keep reading because I was thrown off by Lil Drummer boy in this wack ass grand pappa suit! I mean we all have our own style and who am I really to judge but got dayumm this girl know she questioned that get up before she left the Renaissance Era! This is not Harlem Nights Mama Get it together u look like a dumb ass straight up!!

I don’t even know these chics names just know I’m going inn hell they don’t know me either so its cool but girrlllll if your shoes are too small please DONATE to Goodwill so u can get a tax write off and use that tax dollars on some new stetts boo cause thats not the business and that denim bagggg NO COMMENT!!



  1. evon Said:

    ahhh you chewed her up..lmao!!!!

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      I know man I be trying not to go innn but sometimes I just cant refrain lol its like WTF was u thinkinnnnnnnnnnn lollllll & mayb its because I’m extremely passionate about fashion that I take fuck ups very seriously but this is why when u cant get it right resort to a stylist loll

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  4. Luis Arnst Said:

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