Egotistic Look

I’m so proudof Jennifer Hudson! Chic had that kid and got that baby phat along with other fat (but u aint hear that from me) down!! Really hopes she keeps it up cause being a chunky monkey aint cute lmaoo!! Jennifer Hudson  show off her slim physique in Las Vegas last evening. Thesinger attended a taping of ‘ACM Presents: Brooks & Dunn – The Last Rodeo’ special at the MGM Grand Garden Arena where she performed ‘Believe’ in tribute to Brooks and Dunn themselves



  1. monique taylor Said:

    okay because of your insensitive ignorant comment.. i will never order anything from you.. there are many beautiful women that have a little extra weight.. u should look in the mirror.. although you are skinny you aint cute..

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      Hey Monique,
      Babes my comments are never to be taken personal but for mere inspiration to be fabulous 🙂 There are plenty of beautiful women who are on the thick side but high fashion however is not geared to obesity nor do I promote it! I am never offended by anyones comments so if u chose to save ur money in not supporting my Egotistic Products I will live babe and I’m not exactly skinny I am fine and not cute either but beautiful 🙂 Thanks for your feedback Mama and stay posted 😉

  2. monique taylor Said:

    u erased my last comment. the truth hurts. lol.. anyone i suggest that since you havent actually made it yet. that you be a little more sensitive to people. you arent actually versace or christian dior. you are on your way. but at this point you are commiting suicide with your ignorance. peace.

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      Sweetie for someone who is sensitive to my comments u sure are visiting my site often to stay updated! I erased your comment because Haters are Secret Admirers and I prey on weakness! You were far from hurting my feelings babe but since you were the first of thousands to leave a negative comment on MY site I opted to erase the negative energy! Commiting suicide is taking your own life mama but confidence won’t have u at home slitting your wrist insecureness will and clearly if your taking what I say personal you should work on your own self image cause I have no idea who you are babe! However I can help build your confidence u can submit a picture to my gmail and you too won’t have to look like a chunky monkey but yet Egotistic! I’m sure you will stay posted no need in telling you! Have a blessed life chica 🙂 love ya!!

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