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Major ShoeGAsm

Alexander McQueen

Wing-embroidered platform sandal

This collection was inspired by the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it, as his usual theme of contrasts. These shoes are truly works of art. The heels and platforms depict religious iconography in some of the shoes, while others are updated versions of shoes from past collections, like the winged Faithful booty.


Winter Music Conference 2010

If you havent heard of Kimberly Davis I suugest you YOUTUBE her asap because the woman has a tremendous voice!!! A few months ago her stylist Ed Poole  contacted me in providing some of my extreme egotistic chains from the collection for her promo performances and when he gave me the disc first of her thrilling voice I immediately commited! I highly believe in progression and artist development and the only thing that needed to be developed on this woman was enhancing her style because her voice was on major point! I gave her the chain( frindge frenzy from collection) above to wear during her Music Conference and this performance was at MOVA Lounge MIAMI performing her BILLBOARD HIT “GET UP” produced by Peter McLean & Keith Kemper and it sucks that image is not completely clear but hopefully u understand the Egotism 🙂

When trying toooo hard goes wrong!!!

Ludacris hosted a fundraiser apparently at Lenox Mall yesterday at the Ralph Lauren store! Honestly I’m not sure if it was his fundraiser or not I didn’t keep reading because I was thrown off by Lil Drummer boy in this wack ass grand pappa suit! I mean we all have our own style and who am I really to judge but got dayumm this girl know she questioned that get up before she left the Renaissance Era! This is not Harlem Nights Mama Get it together u look like a dumb ass straight up!!

I don’t even know these chics names just know I’m going inn hell they don’t know me either so its cool but girrlllll if your shoes are too small please DONATE to Goodwill so u can get a tax write off and use that tax dollars on some new stetts boo cause thats not the business and that denim bagggg NO COMMENT!!

Egotistic Look

I’m so proudof Jennifer Hudson! Chic had that kid and got that baby phat along with other fat (but u aint hear that from me) down!! Really hopes she keeps it up cause being a chunky monkey aint cute lmaoo!! Jennifer Hudson  show off her slim physique in Las Vegas last evening. Thesinger attended a taping of ‘ACM Presents: Brooks & Dunn – The Last Rodeo’ special at the MGM Grand Garden Arena where she performed ‘Believe’ in tribute to Brooks and Dunn themselves

Corset Cut-out

A corset itself is already coming with sexiness but a cut out corset is some major Egotism!

Major ShoeGAsm

FENDI LUCITE PLATFORMMMM!!!! Time to hit the poles I mean concrete in these babies LOLLL

OMG LAuryn u Look Greattt!!!

Extreme Egotism

 Kelly Rowland performed in  Australian  her new single ‘Commander’, during her headlining set at the Supafest extravaganza in Adelaide.

Pop star Alexandra Burke on the set of the video for her latest single ‘All Night Long (ft. Pitbull)’.  but check out Hommies chain game in the back with the white v-neck…FIRE!!!

and a still shot of her rocking some extreme egotism attire!!!



Egotistic Look

                               HALLEEE BERRRRYYYY HALLE BERRY!!!!!!

Jenesse Center’s 30th Anniversary Silver Rose Gala, which took place at the Beverley Hills Hotel in California

Extreme Egotism: Vintage Sunblockers

I Reallyyyy LoVe my JOBBB!!!!! I’ve been hitting garage & yard sales (thats one beauty of being in the south) and I’ve found some treasures!!! another beauty is that the Goodwills and Salvation Army keeps unique pieces stocked because unlike the city (NEW YORK that is) where everyone is searching for that one of a kind piece people here are actually shopping for clothing to build thier wardrobe versus funky accessories!!! Talk about adapting lol

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