Thelma & Louise

We all have our own “ride or die” chick as a homegirl and if you don’t you should be in desperate search of one! I’m fortunate to have a few but there’s one in particular that I could almost do just about anything with (well not almost everything lol ) and together I really feel like we on some Thelma & Louise shyt! Always an adventure! Never boring! So in dedication to friendship & having your Thelma’s if your Louise close your eyes and imagine your craziest moments, your most mind-blowing experiences together, and your whirlwind stories!! & if you haven’t quite hit your peak on excitement  just imagine life through the eyes of Thelma & Louise and that’s life with my Thelma 🙂

The Thelma and Louise Dynamic is hard to come by.

When it is found however,Its a friendship built to last.Im lucky enought to have stumbled upon “MY LOUISE” and I love it!I fuckin love it!For 4 years,We’ve cried,laughed,fought,made-up,fought some more and loved every minute of it.She’s my “Good Judy”!We’ve been told the two of us together is Too Much to handle.The silliness we bring out of each other can most definetly be overwhelming to others.WhY should we care? We’re Thelma and Louise!Fearless,Fly,Ride or Die Chix.Together we can stand up to Anyone,Anything,Anytime! Apart we still move as one!Package Deal!A unit!

A Thelma and Louise dynamic is not one u can seek out…it must be established,nourished and treasured.Someone u can trust with ur deepest darkest secrets.Someone who’ll help u dispose of a body if need be (u never know!Niggas be actin up..   🙂

Ladies,U may already have your “Louise” as I do and not realize it.Maybe this will give u an opportunity to recognize her today….And tell her!!!!Call your GOOD JUDY AND TELL HER U LOVE HER!!!!or start nourishing your friendships today,u never know when you’ll find her!!!

Signin Out

Charli B’More a.k.a THELMA!



  1. Hello, this is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting in your blog especially on how to determine the topic. keep up the good work.

  2. Adrian Falvo Said:

    I’ve been checking your blog for a while now, seems like everyday I learn something new 🙂 Thanks

  3. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

  4. I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

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