Extreme Egotism : On Location

I was on location for a shoot on Monday for a very special fashionista DJ who I will be dedicating a post too very soon because she is wayyy to flyy not to have a dope shot out on my blog and you guys will love her so as soon as I get the images from her rocking a couple of my Egotistic Pieces I promise I will showcase the beautiful Kissthedeejay!!! In the meantime check out the Extreme Egotism that was going on behind the scenes of some of the haute items used. The clothing will be posted later she might kill me giving you guys a teaser of her wardrobe before she releases them 🙂 But I could not breathe another moment without sharing these gloves…..

Chain Love was definitely in the building! The purpose of me being on location was to drop off a few Egotistic Chains and bracelets to add some Egotism to her gear!!

and somehow I always fall victim to mirrors rocking my kinky fro LOL Felt like my Mom from the 80’s with this look!

and its always a photographers dream to have cool images in his studio!! A stylist can for sure appreciate it 🙂



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