Egotistic Grammy Coverage

GAGA never lets her monster fans down in ENTERTAINING!! and she managed to get another Icon to participate in her insanity on stage.. People I give you Elton John 🙂

and JAYYYY boy you got that girlll GRIPPED UP HOMEYYYY

You guys know I love myself some Beyonce but she know she gets crazier on stage when her boo boo is in the audience to witness the Sasha transform into Fierceness!

The Black Eyed Peas had rhythm like Black peeps so Fergie we need to check your blood boo to see if you have any African American in your genes because you gyrated amazingly on stage! Best performance of the night!!!

Ciara on the Red Carpet!! Stunninngggg

Pink has transformed into a gymnast and does it quite well!!


Oreo Cookie met Little Drummer Boy/Battle of Russian War/Battle of the Band that clashed


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