Shop DLUX!!

I’ve really been caught up in the Egotistic Grind making pieces, building my portfolio, and attending fashion events that I had no chance to tackle the most important event thus far! If you’ve been keeping up with Egotistic you’ve been informed on the process of the opening of an amazing boutique that has been in the works all year by my homey Dorian & her dream came true on the 12th. What’s even more exciting is that we shared this experience since the first day of her planning and aside from the many unique clothing she has, the boutique also carries items from my collection.

Dorian, Mayor Michael J Miles & Marc Goldston

Jesse Armstead, Dorian Grace, & Antonio Pierce

Dorian Rocks out Hard in the Egotistic Exclusive Neckpiece!!

I didn’t go full throttle but kept it casual cool in my Egotistic Painted Jeans, Egotistic bangles, and my lovely Egotistic Paperboy hat! ALL made by yours truly..

My jeans stand out in a crowd!!! Sold Exclusively @ Dlux

along with my chains…

And the ENTOURAGE was in the Building!! Egotistic Entourage photo shoot coming soon B$$$$’s!!!!!!

and the sales for the evening were superb!!

Stay Egotistic and Shop DLUX!!!


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