Rihanna’s interview to The Guardian

The only non redundant part is posted! The rest of the interview is about her rumored fling with Jay Z, the violent encounter with Chris Brown and her good girl gone bad image..blah blah blah

And so, before the shoot starts, she mugs and mimes ridiculous poses; she asks her make-up artist to cover a small bruise on her leg, whooping in explanation: “I had some really wild sex last night – just kidding!” She goes for lunch in a side room with her entourage, including old friends from Barbados, and laughter gasps through the closed door. When I ask whether her hard-edged style – futuristic dresses, mesh jumpsuits, trouser suits with enormous, exaggerated shoulders – owes anything to Grace Jones, she says that she loves her, “but Cruella de Vil, from 101 Dalmatians, is my new style icon. She’s just fly.” Her laughter sometimes seems forced – her unhappiest stories can end with a “ha!” – but mostly it comes across as real.



  1. weupthere Said:

    is all of that her real hair because hair is a little darker than the rest of it at the roots but then it gets lighter. jus curious

    • egotisticegotism Said:

      You nailed it! The top of her hair has blonde weaving 🙂

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