Antique Egotistic Bitch!!!!

Marilyn Monroe is for sure more famous for her sex appeal far more than her talent and maybe its but when you possess as much natural beauty as her which is a priceless blessing then you somewhat get the price of fame granted to you without much effort! As much as many would like to overshadow her image with sex, drugs, and antics she will always be known as the best vixen ever!! Many women wanna be her such as much as envy and all men want her but alllllll I want aside from admiring the style and charm she embraced is this joint she’s smoking….

This picture comes from a video that just surfaced and was sold for 300k!!!!! You ever look at celebrities and say “If I ever met him/her we would be BFF or coolllll as hellll!!!?!?” well judging by this picture me and MArilyn would’ve been Thelma & Louis cause “reefer” always creates a special bond 🙂 MY BITCH!!!!!!!



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