Egotistic Skin

“You need “thick skin” to deal with the entertainment industry…”

Model Melyssa Ford is the latest celebrity to collaborate with Derek Blanks on an alter ego photo shoot. Her concept is absolutely amazing and  “Thick Skin vs. Thin Skin”. It’s actually a common phrase said to be succeed in the industry because there is so much judgement passed on you and she embodied the idea quite well! Although there was NO getting around that A$$!!!

In her words expressing the idea

“All of us know what it feels like to have to “turn the other cheek” or “be the bigger person” or “turn a blind eye and ear to their critics and the nay-sayers”… I OVER-stand this concept, hence my visual interpretation of the reality: that we all hurt and are not immune to the pain caused by harsh judgment.”

For her judgement is close to the heart! For any woman who is known as a video vixen there is really no escaping the harsh reality of criticism.

She enlisted Derek Blanks and makeup artist Satisha Beecham to work their magic and bring it to life. Jobe well done!!





  1. I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a minute bit to find your site…but I bookmarked it. Would you mind if I posted a link back to your post?

  2. I was just having a conversation over this I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had.

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