Egotistic Greeting Cards :

I almost have to hold my breathe for this one!! My friend Aaron Potts who is soon going to be my BFF he just don’t know it yet, is the best illustrator I have come across EVER!!! And trust I’ve been around some dope ones attending F.I.T and interning at fashion magazines and NOBODY can out sketch dude even with a gun to their head!! On top of that he’s African American!  Sorry just gotta represent for my peeps because we do get stereotyped in the fashion industry!! There are no groupie tendencies in my character but I think from the moment I was introduced to him through a mutual friend I instantly became an Aaron Potts groupie 🙂 Perhaps it’s his constant innovation and inspiration that keeps me interested! See I’ve already written a paragraph and I can still go on!!! I’ll let the remaining images of his haute, fabulous greeting cards speak for themselves and u can buy them at the holiday shops in Bryant Park for those that live in the city. All others PLEASE visit his site Cards retail for $5.95

Mom to be cards…

Birthday Diva

For a special Love I heart them!!

Xmas Diva

Thinking of You

Thank You Card

Missing you! If I was a guy I would love to have someone this haute missing me 🙂


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  1. These are some very beautiful greeting cards, thanks for sharing!

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