Ikea for the Holidays!!

I love Christmas decor. Such golden elegance 🙂 The pine tree aroma, the stockings hung to be filled with cool arrangement of accessories, candy, and travel size items!! I think this year I’m gonna get creative with the idea of gift giving. Maybe not in a regular box with a bow but something like this…

Ikea has this amazing bow set up in a frame! How cute!!! Just makes me wanna gift give in frames 🙂

you can’t forget about setting the table…

Feel free to add water into an artificial floral arrangement just makes the presentation even more convincing!!

I use to shop at Bo Concept until the recession hit and I’ve been eying this animal rug there which retailed for 1200.00 and I almost had a heart attack when I saw pretty much the same rug at Ikea for 1000.00 less and its actually bigger than the one that was at Bo Concept. See the lack of funds in the economy creates a sane sense of shopping lol

Grab your bows because someone is worth a treat this year!!!

and lastly for the new year to come don’t be afraid toooooo


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