Egotistic Party! Happy 40th Bday Diddy!!!

Diddy hosted an amazingly lavish bash for him and his fabulous friends to enjoy, including me and mine 🙂 Thanks to my Egotistic Friend Karleen who is Diddy’s Personal Assistant & my future manager 🙂 for personally inviting us to the wonderful shindig!! Held at the Plaza Hotel on Central Park South & 5th Avenue it almost felt like a wedding it was so beautiful! Mind you security was Obama Style!! There were 3 check points and you were stamped with an electronic image that could only be seen under a scanner! That Diddy money is no joke. Before attendance here’s what the NY Post had to say:

Diddy is promising the “party of the century” to celebrate his 40th birthday on Thursday. Sean Combs will take over the Plaza Ho tel’s Grand Ballroom. He’s hired event planner Bronson Van Wyck to create a “fantasy dreamland” with fashion installations, a labyrinth, performance art and a display by “wizard of light” Bentley Meeker, who promises the lighting will grow “dimmer and sexier,” punctuated by a “blizzard of light.” Those expected include Queen Latifah, Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, Zac Posen, Lil’ Kim and a “very special” musical guest.

The special musical guest was Al Green!!!! Wish my Grandma could’ve been there she would’ve threw her panties I mean grandma draws on stage lol and the Invite

The Egotistic Entourage

Egotistic, Dorian Grace, & Denyce Lawton

and the superwoman of the night Karleen looking Egotistic as she works for Diddy

and the Stetts were Banging!!!!

Gotta continue the Egotism with the Mannnn Himself and alllll the other Egotistic Guests!!!!

And his Boo Boo I mean Cassie Killlledd it as Always!!!! Looking oh so sexy swanky!!!


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