Dear Ego,

Today I posted on my facebook page these exact words which were directly inspired by Drake: It may not mean nothing to yallll but understand nothing was done for me! Fashion’s my every, my every, my everythinggggg!!! and surprisingly my 18 year old brother replied with these tearful words which were also inspired by Drake and still has me using my Kleenex!!!

aye aye aye aye aye,

Last name EXPERT first name FASHION,

like million dolla shirt boy I aint nothing to Fathom,

started off local but thanks to all the hatas,

she know gucci, loui designas on by they first name makers, First girl too look fly with short hair “EVA”,

Asking who design thos clothes? “Ego”,

Got her walking round’ lookin like a star “Diva”,

and another person on the come up “NEO”;

Made her first shirt that shit started in the basement,

Whoever thought a country wide gurl would make a Statement,

Designers want her name with their Brand like Elton, yall got a clothing line she did it without one;

Her clothes are made for the fittest so if you too big you shuld go abt ya bizzness;

Evryone who doubted her is asking for repentness, and if you ain’t apart of this then yu jus gone have to witness, BITCHESS!!!


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  1. I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

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