new designer obsession : kerin rose


I have a huge addiction to fresh new talent. If your a true fan of the site you know that anytime I come across a designer who instantly gets recognition for being original I immediately feel like I need a dose of creativity. Meet Karin Rose (photo above) who is taking over the industry by storm with her edgy sunglasses. Seems to be the new trend to LOOK outside the box 🙂


How long have you been in business of making accessories?

This November makes it a year. Happy Anniversary to me!!

How did you get started?

Very simply: I embellished a pair of sunglasses for myself. Every time I wore them out I would get a response in a way that I’ve never had to anything I’ve ever worn before. I figured I might be on to something, so I made some to sell. A year later, here i am.


Who would be a perfect fit for A-Morrir, your accessory line, and what’s the cost?

I think that everyone is the perfect fit for A-morir,  that’s the beauty of an accessory.  By nature an accessory is impractical; technically it’s a supplemental element to an ensemble.   People think that they’re only for the daring, but my sister is a total J.Crew girl and she rocks a pair of black amadeus sunglasses every day. Anybody can wear anything that I make; all they have to do is put it on.

My non-eyewear pieces range in price from $40 for a single fringe earring to $120 for the mickey mouse ears (that i made a year before the olsen twins wore theirs.. cough cough..) My eyewear ranges from $200-$600 – each pair is hand embellished, mostly with the highest quality swarovski crystals, chains, studs,


Who else would you love to see in your designs?

One of the things I hate is that I get emails from guys saying “II know these are women’s shades… can guys wear them too?”

I want more guys in A-morir. I want every entertainer on the Forbes list to shield their eyes with A-morir because their future’s so bright. Corny enough for you? Miss Piggy and Henry Rollins, because they’re the epitome of everything I stand for.

What is the most challenging aspect of the business you are in?

Doing 48 hours of work in the alloted 24! I’m still a one-person company, and the demands to do everything are tough. I also don’t have the benefit of having a design background of any kind, so the technical aspects of production are completely new to me… oh, and coming up with new shit to blow your mind on the regular.  After every piece I make I think “Well, that’s it, I’m straight out of ideas” – that is until the next one hits…


As a personal friend of Rihanna how does it feel to see her wear your designs?

Rihanna started off as a client, and we have since become friends but it feels great any time any of my friends wear something I’ve designed. All of my friends are people I hold in high regard.  My friends are some of the most talented, motivating, intelligent and kind people I have ever met; Rihanna falls into those categories as well.  Don’t get it twisted, she hasn’t and doesn’t wear everything I bring to her just because I made it – if it doesn’t fit her style she doesn’t wear it, and I respect her for that.


And my favorite part of the interview:

What is your advice to up and coming designers?

Know what you’re not good at; Season your passion with a good dose of logic and reason.  Passion, hard work and drive are wonderful and will take you very far, but if you’re not the best at something don’t push it.  You have plenty of gifts and abilities, so hone in on those. also: trust your guts. Your guts never lie.



  1. I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  2. Good! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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