my bitch is back!!

I was just speaking to my fashionista homegirl yesterday about how I haven’t seen Ms.Rose since the so called split with Kanye was announced and like magic she appeared hitting the streets with her best friend Dez wearing this ohhhh sooo mini shirt. Love her but not this look! But needless to say I’m happy to see her 🙂


Your shirt dress is tooo small if you have to walk and constantly pull it down!


hmmm makes you wonder if the stacks that use to be spent on wardrobe and stetts has been pulled down to her recycling shoes and wearing baby clothes to save money. Hey its a recession when its your dollars u spending shit can switch up realll fast lol


She redeemed herself Egotistically with this beautiful vamp ruffled attire.


What a cute picture of her and her bestie throwing up the diamond 🙂 Maybe there’s some Kanye in this pudding after all!!



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