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Gaga experimented with her own wardrobe, discovering herself through various guises and garments. “I went through periods where I was very sexy, then I became a hippie girl with ripped jeans and then went into a leopard tights and leotards phase… which I’m still in,” she laughs quietly. “Fashion saved my life,” she later admits. “When I was young, I was laughed at in school because I dressed dramatically.”

“When I moved downtown…” she continues, likely thinking of when she left her family home in the Upper West Side to rent an apartment in NYC’s core, “…it was complete liberation. I found all these shops on Eighth Street and I integrated fashion into my life in a healthy way because it made me feel powerful, ambitious and much more resilient.”

Eventually, she found herself in a right-time, right-place moment in 2006 when she was offered a job penning tracks for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls. She saved a few songs for herself, performing them at local bars and was soon signed by Interscope Records and paired with producer Rob Fusari to work on The Fame.

What followed was the most mammoth makeover pop music has ever seen. With the help of a hand-picked team of avant-garde-loving stylists (a tribe christened the Haus of Gaga), her Donatella Versace-meets-Liberace look was born. Starting with her now-iconic, mirrored disco-ball bra top, Gaga’s Haus dressed her in risk-taking and headline-making styles. Even during FLARE’s photo shoot, Gaga insisted on channeling “Marilyn Monroe’s darkest moments” in a studded mask rather than emulate a typical celebrity portrait.

Although minimalists regard her as a fashion assassin of sorts, her visual philosophy has seeped into the minds and hearts of many stylish VIPs. So the question remains: when is Gaga going to create her own collection?

“At some point, I will,” she says. “Right now, I’m more concerned with using my fame to promote young designers such as Gary Card, an artist who designed a piece I used on stage.” When pushed on why she thinks her public wants a Gaga-driven clothing line, she doesn’t flinch. “There hasn’t been a commercial artist lately that has embodied avant-garde and couture so insistently as myself.”

However, Gaga’s own ambitions aim to please and challenge her fans, as well as herself. It’s a mandate she feels is necessary for her main goal: bridging the gap between pop star and pop artist. “You could say I’m both,” she says. “I don’t really know how people view me, but that’s how I view myself.







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